Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect

Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect – Hi Everyone! I come back with my post Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect. We girls are one of the most jealous creatures. I am sure you all will agree to this that half of the time we keep staring on others. And mind it not on boys but on girls. It’s nothing about the sexual orientation. The major attraction part is because we keep on noticing other’s dresses, makeup style, Kajal or eyeliner. Accessories, Hairstyle, foot wears and likewise. And no doubt we girls don’t stop comparing ourselves too. We keep on checking if we are looking better or she. And it rarely matters if it’s an unknown girl or a friend we just keep on staring at her and checking out her. Sometimes we often wonder that she is looking very beautiful even when she is wearing very normal or understated clothes. So, what’s the reason behind it? Have you ever noticed her makeup? May be she is looking gorgeous because of that. And in some cases it may appear that she hasn’t applied anything but yes she has. So, the trick lies in correct makeup application. Read below to know about Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect in details –

Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect

Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect

Prepping Work

Makeup should always be applied on clean and clear skin. It doesn’t mean that you should only use clean and clear face wash. Try to use any regular cleanser or face wash as per your choice.

Base Work

Makeup looks perfect only when you have done the correct base work. So, try to go for a good primer. Don’t forget to use primer as per your skin type or skin concern. If you are a dry skin type then go for the moisturizing primer.

Perfect Makeup look

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Main Coverage

Now, begins the major work. It is about applying the foundation or BB cream or even only sunscreen or a regular moisturizer. It depends on a number of factors – coverage, sun exposure, occasion and likewise. If you are going for a party and will be there for a long time then you might go for the foundation or the BB or CC cream. But if you are going to your office and you will be mostly on the outdoor work then sunscreen is your thing.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an essential part which can make you stand out. People usually buy any Kajal which is popular in TV and then apply it. But you have to check it if gets smudged and if it is jet black or not. Now, most of us apply colored eye liners too but you should apply colored eyeliners as per your eye color or complexion. Secondly, mascara is the key to dramatic eyes. But it shouldn’t be applied on daily basis. Like if you are going to office then there is no requirement for mascara. But if you are going to a weekend party then flaunt your lashes with mascara. Also, grooming your eye brows is a major thing. But some girls look really chic with uneven eye brows. So, have a closer look at yourself and try to understand your style and what suits you rather than what you like and what is the trend.

how to get perfect makeup look

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Lip Game

And last but not the least is the time for the lips. Lipstick is a must I guess. But the color should be as per your occasion. For regular office wear try to go for nudes or subtle pinks. And for outings go for darker shades. Now, you need to also make sure that what time of the day you are going out. If it is night then you can experiment with darker colors but if it is day time then double check your lipstick.

So, these were some of the major tips and tricks for applying makeup. I am sure try this tips and your makeup will be as perfect as the one you are staring at. And you won’t wonder Why My Friend’s Makeup Looks Perfect. Let me know your thoughts on the article in the comments down below.

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Pallavi Lives in the shopaholic Delhi. Yes, she is a big shopaholic and movie freak too. she loves fashion and styling too. But her makeup is limited to kohl s and lipsticks. they are her safe choices. But she is learning to expand her horizon. she loves trying different skin care products too.


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