Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night

Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night  – Hello Everyone! Today my post is about Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night. Let me put this way that most of the functions and parties which you need to attend are general during night time. For girls who are not able to differentiate between night and day makeup. let me tell you that there is a lot of difference both the two. You need to understand what suits under natural sunlight during the day and what can help to pull attention during night. Every girl desires to look smashing on the prom night and here are some beautiful tips that can help you to achieve the best makeup for your night party. Well, let’s start with this post Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night.

Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night

Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night

Red Lips Makeup for Night

Red lips Makeup for Night

You should go with red lips during the night because you can never go wrong with this. If not red, you can always go forward with deep wine color lipstick and make it a little intense so that it helps to highlight your lips easily. One thing you must keep in mind is that you should never overdo with your foundation and pancakes during the night because it gets highlighted easily. Instead to make it a bit better, you can easily pull off the red or deep wine color lipstick.

Black Eyeliner Makeup for Night

Black eyeliner Makeup for Night

Most of them prefer wearing blue or brown eyeliners but when it comes to night makeup, I swear by black eyeliner as it looks subtle, elegant and fantastic. You can also go with black eyeliner and wear those fake eyelashes to draw some attention to your eyes. Go for a softer version of look and remember if you are using the black eyeliner keep it pink or beige color for your lips.

Bronze Makeup

Bronze Makeup

You should look very natural by wearing the same color of bronze and makeup together. You should try both the colour should blend with each other and of course look good on your complexion. You need to slightly brush up with bronzer on your temple, cheeks and jaw line. Highlighting the jaw line is very important as it will help to give you slimmer looking face. Using light golden or brown color bronze is always good.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey eyes
Another important makeup tip you can follow for your night party is those Smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are eyes but can come across as dramatic and intense that certainly suits all type of night occasion. From attending a wedding to shaking legs in night clubs, Smokey eyes are perfect makeup for all type of complexion. If you are going for smoke eyes, go for a softer version of lips and cheeks.

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Tangerine Lips

Bored with those traditional oranges and red lipsticks? What about trying some tangerine lipstick? The positive point of wearing tangerine lipstick is that it goes perfectly well with dusky and pale complexion. Using tangerine shades of lipstick can make your lips look extremely sexy and juicy as well. With more of softer edge and tangerine lips, you would surely rock this look.

These are few tips to get Fresh and Natural Makeup for Night. Hope you enjoyed my article 🙂

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