The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan Review

Hello all 🙂 recently I visited at The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan. So today I am sharing my review on The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan. May be all of you knows I have super busy schedule life and with kid its obviously happens So that time choosing spa is great option to have relax for some hours. Spa actually makes a body feeling good and refreshed. This The Four Fountains Spa is located on super mart 2 which is a little distance away from my home. So last Saturday my husband dropped me their and he took all responsibility of Anika my daughter for 2 hours. So lets check more about my experience at The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan.

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan Review

First of all when I entered the spa ohh my god its smells like heaven. That smell was just amazing which aromatically gave relaxed mind feeling at that moment. The Four Fountains Spa has a dim lights and relaxing music playing. That soft calming music actually added the experience. One thing I noticed that was neat and clean things and this spa is a super hygienic one. When going to a spa, hygiene is the most important thing- both of the spa therapist, and of the treatment area and that what I really impressed with it.

Let check it out how The Four Fountains Spa entrance look – attractive beautifully floating flowers welcomes anyone when entered in

The Four Fountains Spa welcomes

Beautifully decorated wall with lots of smoothing things

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan location

The Four Fountains Spa super mart Gurgoan

I really loves the decoration which they did in The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan.

Their Dr. Meenu met me before taking any spa. Dr. Meenu talks very politely and She help me to choose the therapy I want . She also checked my stress level test  through asking some 10 rapid fire questions which I have to answer in yes or no. And guess what I am a low stress person as per her test.

After that Dr. Meenu introduced me my therapist. Their I choose Foot reflexology therapy for me and its 1 hour message session. Then My therapist  provided me a thigh length pajama due to only foot spa. Because full body message makes me uncomfortable so I choose foot spa for me. Before starting anything therapist sanitizes her hand and my legs which was really appreciating thing. After sanitizing she started messaged my foot area to knees with pure Sesame oil. She also asked me about her hand pressure was ok or not. I really enjoyed the massage in the end. I might have fallen asleep and snored during the session. It was that relaxing.

check below pictures how actually room was

The Four Fountains Spa room

The Four Fountains Spa message bed

But I choose foot spa so this room was not for me but i clicked few pics to show you

This was my area where foot spa done. For foot messaged they have a good firm sofa which was super comfortable. They also shows you time when therapist started message means no fraud with timing. They gave me exact 1 hour foot spa as per my foot spa session.

Foot spa room also nicely decorated with lots of texture walls.

The Four Fountains Spa foot spa

The Four Fountains Spa foot relexology

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan foot message

That’s what I choose Foot Reflexology – Price 1500/-

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan foot spa

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan Review 1

Once the massage was done. She cleanses my legs with wet towel and again she sanitizes my legs and foot. Then I got ready with my outfit. Lastly Dr. Meenu offered green tea which was really good and I was asked to fill a feedback form. she also gave me one balm which smells like camphor and gives instantly relief from neck, shoulder, headache pain.

The Four Fountains Spa experience

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan experience

Good about The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan

  • Neat cleaned spa, Totally hygienic maintained
  • Ambiance of spa smells heavenly with good calming music which actually makes distress
  • Good spa therapist and Dr. which helps to choose good options for you
  • Before starts messaged they sanitized my legs
  • sesame oils smell pure not any perfumed added
  • Foot messaged was awesomely done
  • Affordable price list and many good value for money packages available
  • They also checked stress level thought 5 mins rapid fire questions with only answers of often, sometime, Never
  • They offers good green tea.

Bad about The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan

  • nothing at all.

I am thinking to go again to take some more other messaged options which they have. I highly recommend for all. They offered me great service with amazing experience

I love the meaningful quotes they have in every room.

The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan picture


check their amazing Anti germ Neem and tea tree messaged which really looks so tempting ( Dr.Meenu offered me this one too but because of less time I refused but I am sure next time going to get this one which seems so great )

The Four Fountains Spa message

For more check link

Disclaimer : The service was offered by the Spa free of charge for editorial review. However the opinions expressed here are my own and unaffected by the same.

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  1. Wowwwww…. muat b vwry much relaxing Kki 🙂

  2. tempting one <3

  3. looks like a place worth trying…

  4. wow .. a relaxing experience:)

  5. Damn neat place.. I have tried their pune one long time back.. It was nt dis nice 🙁 U look lovely Kiran.. I love polka dots 🙂

  6. The decors are great, and so relaxing, you looks really pretty 🙂

  7. i love ur top…this spa looks very promising 🙂

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