Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons

Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons – Hi BHBians, How are you all? I hope you are enjoying this changed weather. Well, I am also loving this. Today I will share a new post about Follow this hair care tips during the monsoons. Monsoons are such a welcoming break from this rising scorching summer heat. I felt so relieved seeing the dark clouds on the sky. They brought a hope and smile on my cheeks. And I was thoroughly enjoying the rains. But you know sometimes later when I had to step out in rains, my hairs turned wet completely. And while air drying them I realised that with monsoon come lot of hair and skin issues. More than our skin, its our hair which suffers the most. We need to have a proper hair care regimen in monsoons to take care of your gorgeous tresses. So, Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons.

Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons

Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons

Hair Fall Problem–

Hair Fall Problem

Hair fall is one of the most common issues in monsoons. Hairs are wet and thus hair fall is a regular phenomenon. So, try not to comb or style your hairs when they are wet. Let them air dry.

Frizzy Hair –

conditioners and cleansing shampoos

Frizzy hair is a very common phenomenon in monsoons. Your hair turns frizzy and tangled. So, try to use conditioners and cleansing shampoos. Also, go for regular hair spa to get that healthy hair.

Hair wash Routine –

Hair wash routine

You should always follow a hair wash routine in the monsoon season. Firstly oil your hairs, then shampoo and use the conditioner religiously. Let it air dry. Avoid artificial air drying.

Dandruff Issues –

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff is a regular issue in monsoon for your hairs. So, make sure what type of shampoo you should use and what type of hair care products should you use in monsoon season. Try to go for cleansing products and cover your hairs with scarves to avoid dandruff.

Oily scalp –

Oily scalp is a major issue in monsoons. So, don’t forget to use a cleansing ayurvedic shampoo every one to two day in a week. This will keep the oil, dirt and dandruff at bay from your hairs and scalp.

Diet for Healthy Hair–

Diet for Healthy Hair

Diet is very important in case of monsoon hair care. Try to eat food products which are rich in protein and iron like omega 3, eggs and fruits.

Types of Shampoo –

cleansing shampoo

In monsoons try to avoid too much chemicals on your hairs. Avoid hard chemicals for your hairs. Use ayurvedic or the normal cleansing shampoo.

Styling –

In monsoon too much of styling is not healthy for your hairs. try to avoid curlers and straightening as this can cause hair fall. Also, this can make your hairs really frizzy.

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Kinds of Comb –

use wide toothed combs

As we all know that in monsoons you need to special type of combs for your hairs. You should use wide toothed combs so that the tangled hairs get reduced.

Hair Oil Routine –

Hair oil routine

It is very important that you regularly oil your hairs in monsoon too. But remember that your hair automatically turns oily in monsoon. So, it’s better to avoid oiling your hairs too much. Just apply a bit of oil at the hair ends. This way the hair ends will remain healthy and nourished.

So, these were some of the easy tips and tricks which will make your life much easier in monsoons. Follow this Hair Care Tips During the Monsoons and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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