Five Bombay Style Mehandi Designs

Mehandi are widely used throughout the entire Southern and Western Asia. In India, we put mehandi in our hands for different occasions and festivities. A traditional Indian wedding is incomplete without mehandi ceremony. Mehandi is one of the finest form of artwork that involves creating intricate design using  mehandi or henna paste. Mehandi is one of the earliest vedic customs that is still going strong. Over the time, mehandi designs have evolved a lot and these days we can see various mehandi designs. Bombay style mehandi is one classic example of that. Bombay style mehandi mainly involves intricate patterns. Let’s check out my post on five Bombay style mehandi designs.
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Five bombay style mehandi designs

Bombay style mehandi designs are quite a trend today. The speciality of Bombay style mehandi design lies in adding a contemporary touch to the traditional patterns. The design is also inspired from bollywood stars. Lots of variety can be seen in Bombay style mehandi design. Since most of the designs are quite intricate, they require massive talent and persevarence to create these designs. Adding stylish accessories is another speciality of Bombay style mehandi design. This article talks about five Bombay style mehandi designs.

Bombay style mehandi design 1

bombay style mehandi design 1

This Bombay style mehandi looks just amazing. It is a fine art work. The design mainly made of floral motifs. Few swirls and curls, lots of dots and few lines along with large floral designs have created this beautiful Bombay style mehandi.

Bombay style mehandi design 2

bombay style mehandi design 2

This is another beautiful Bombay style mehandi design. The design looks amazing for sure, but if you watch it carefully, you will find that the design is not that intricate. Peacock pattern and floral motifs have been used to create this simple yet beautiful mehandi design. The design may look simple, but it is very well spaced out and the use of turquoise blue stone has added a touch of elegance to the entire design.

Bombay style mehandi design 3

bombay style mehandi design 3

This Bombay style mehandi design is perfect for bridal occasions. Beautiful peacock feather design can be seen in this mehandi. Besides that, large leafy patterns, few floral motifs and few geometrical patterns have altogether formed this wonderful mehandi design. Must say, this is such a gorgeous design and you can’t take your eyes off it easily.

Bombay style mehandi design 4

bombay style mehandi design 4

This is a special type of Bombay style mehandi design, which is known as ‘Peacock feather mehandi’. This design is includes peacock feather which symbolizes love. This peacock feather mehandi is very popular among young girls and they usually get this design done on Valentines’ day to impress the man of their life.

Bombay style mehandi design 5

bombay style mehandi design 5

This is another theme based Bombay style mehandi design. This mehandi design depicts the style of moon and so it’s ideal for festivals like Eid. Lots of small flowers, dots, half circles and few swirls have created this beautiful light mehandi design. Truly, it’s an unique design and exquisitely beautiful.

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So friends, hope you liked my post on Bombay style mehandi designs. That’s it for now. See you all soon with another new article. Bye 🙂

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