Fem Gold Bleach Review

Hello Readers, I am here with Fem Gold Bleach Review. This is a month of celebrations and ladies do not want to miss any chance of getting dressed up and pose for camera. I am no different after all this is the only time of the year when we get to visit our near and dear ones and exchange sweet nothing. Otherwise for rest of the year one hardly gets time for family get-together. So for special occasions like these one needs to look special, thus nothing can be better than a good bleach to start with. Creme Bleach is like a last minute resort which rejuvenates the dull complexion and replaces it with a radiant glow on the skin.

Fem Gold Bleach Review

Fem Gold Bleach is a healthy way to get instant glow as there is no added ammonia. Fem is one of the oldest and most trusted brands in Fairness. It is very gentle and safe on skin and claims to make skin fairer. Unlike other bleaches it has a rejuvenating fragrance which makes the whole experience all the more pleasant. There are four variants available- saffron, pearl, gold and turmeric. Let’s have a look at the review.

Fem Gold Bleach contents

Price of Fem Gold Bleach : Rs.59/- for 24gms

Ingredients : Creme Bleach

                                Golden dust, hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, stearic acid, perfume

                                Powder Activator

                                Ammonium bi carbonate

Directions for use

Fem Gold Bleach directions

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : Creamy white and golden

Smell : Nice

Fem Gold Bleach precautions

What Fem Gold Bleach Claims

Fem Gold Bleach ingredients

Fem Gold Bleach swatch

My Experience with Fem Gold Bleach

I am not very regular with my bleaching routine but I know people who get bleaching done along with their monthly facials. It actually depends on how sensitive one’s skin is. Till date I bleach only on special occasions like before a party or so. Fem Gold Bleach says that it is free from ammonia which kind of makes me feel safe before using it. The creme and the activator are packed separately in sturdy plastic jars and a spatula as well as a measuring spoon is provided along. There is a detailed instruction manual which has everything from the usage directions to precautions as well as description of how safe it is. The best part is that instructions are laid down in 8 different languages which makes this much more convenient.

Using the measuring spoon one has to mix the creme and the activator just before using the bleach. Fem Gold Bleach should be applied on clean and dry skin. Crème equal to bigger side of the measuring spoon is to be mixed with activator equal to the smaller side of the measuring spoon. This is the simplest way of measuring the quantities that I have come across in any bleach that I have used so far. After the mixing is done Fem Gold Bleach is to be applied to the areas to be bleached. Maximum 15 minutes one should leave it on the skin and then take it off with moist cloth. As claimed the smell does not turn foul once applied which is usually a problem with other bleaches. There is a mild irritation felt on the skin but that is very normal nothing bothersome.

Talking of the results, Fem Gold Bleach delivers whatever is promised by the company. The skin looks radiant and glowing and of course the dullness is replaced by fairer complexion. It lightens the skin to some extent and it looks fresh and nice. Although, I do not know if Fem Gold Bleach would suit sensitive skin but on me it did not cause any rash or allergies post application. For first time users it is suggested to use the mixture at the back of the ear to test if it suits them or not. Also one must never go under direct sunlight immediately after using it. I prefer taking this treatment in the evening for the same reason. Also another important precaution is not reusing the product until 21 days. Otherwise Fem Gold Bleach is a great bleach to try during the festive season.

Overall Fem Gold Bleach is an excellent creme bleach to rejuvenate dull complexion and look radiant and glowing in the festive season. Being ammonia free it is safe and gentle on the skin. Highly recommended to bleach lovers.

Good about Fem Gold Bleach

  • Revives dull complexion
  • Skin looks bright and glowing
  • Great for special occasions
  • Fragrance is not bothersome
  • Very gentle on skin
  • Ammonia free
  • Detailed instruction leaflet
  • Measuring spoon provided
  • Does not cause irritation or allergies
  • Affordable

Bad about Fem Gold Bleach

  • Skin type not mentioned

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. i think good buy for coming diwali look 🙂 good one hut

  2. Will it be ok to use it on sensitive skin as skintype is not mentioned

  3. Oh perfect for those special occasions.. M getting it done next week.. Ye ye 🙂 Awesome review as always..

  4. look really good!

  5. nice review 🙂 i purchased natures gold bleach. will review soon 🙂 but next time will purchase dis 🙂 XMAS time !

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