Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath

Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath – Hiiii Beauties, I come back with my new post Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath. Bad Breath can be embarrassing and tough on those around you. We all love that strong attractive personality of others. But you know other than the dressing sense, outlook and etc. there are a number of other features which makes someone a good personality or attractive. And attractive and fresh breathe is one of them. Have you seen people maintaining distance from others??? why what is the reason??? Well, bad breathe is a major reason. Many people look gorgeous and have good communication skills but even then they don’t have many friends. Why what’s the reason?? Well, bad breathe can be one of them. Because of Bad Breath we feel Embarrassed? So, let me introduce you to some of the best ways to avoid bad breathe using home based remedies only through this post – Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath.

Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath

Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath

Fennel –


Do you know that fennel acts as a fab mouth freshener?? Not only does it smell great but also it has herbal properties which fights against the bacteria’s inside your mouth.

How to use it –

  • Keep some fennels in your pocket or purse and chew them whenever you want especially after having a meal.
  • Drink once every day in the morning and night a glass of fennel water.

Cinnamon –


Another must have if you are suffering from bad breathe issues. The essential oils in cinnamon help you to prevent bacteria inside your mouth.

How to use it –

  • Boil little amount of cinnamon powder with a cup of water.
  • Alternatively, you can add bay leaves .
  • Use it as a after meal rinse.

Lemon juice –

Lemon Juice

It seems lemon juice is the king in terms of skin care and hair care home based remedies. But here it is the true winner in case of bad breathes. The strong citrus acid present in it helps to keep the fungus at bay and also makes your mouth watery in absence of which the mouth turns smelly.

How to use it –

  • Squeeze a fresh lemon slice into the glass full of water.
  • Alternatively, you can add salt too.
  • Rinse your mouth with this water after every meal.

Fenugreek –


Fenugreek is one of the best home based remedies in number of your health issues and it is also very important in case of bad breathe too.

Let me tell you how will you benefit maximum with these fenugreek seeds in terms of bad breathe –

  • Take a handful of fenugreek seeds and boil them in a cup of water.
  • Strain the liquid and drink this water as many times as you wish in a day.

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Cloves –


Another fab remedy to take care of your bad breathe. But you might be wondering how to use them.

Don’t worry we will tell you how to use cloves in your daily life routine in order to benefit maximum –

  • Keep some clove pieces in your mouth always and chew them whenever you want. This will eliminate your bad breathe issues in the long run.
  • Make a clove tea. Boil some cloves into a cup of water. You can also try to ground the cloves and then use that mixture as the tea leaves. Drink this liquid regularly.

Parsley –


Do you know parsley contains chlorophyll which takes care of bad breathe and helps you to breather fresh and good?

How to use it –

  • Chew parsley sprig as much as you can.
  • Dip parsley sprig in vinegar and then chew them.
  • Grind the parsley sprigs in the juicer and drink that mixture.

So, if you are Feeling Embarrassing Because of Bad Breath these were some easy kitchen remedies. Let me know if you have any other remedies in the comments down below.

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