Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

Hello friends. Pizza, pasta, burger are irresistible stuff! Especially from the foodie people! But when it comes to girls they always become cautious towards their overweight and fatty bulges coming out! They start thinking about their size and shape! Mostly they miss out their favorite dresses or they have to compromise with their pocket! But here I come with some awesome and beautiful ideas for all beautiful and big girls out there who crave to look good but are unable due to lack of knowledge of how to style!

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

Below I have an attempt to bring to you some tips and tricks that all the curvy and plus sized ladies can follow to look their best. You will be surprised to know that how these simple styling tips can make your outfit so different and more in tune with your fuller figure.

So lets Check Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

Tip 1: Go on with shorts!

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

The one having heavy breasts but a good height can go on with shorts. No need to feel heavy at all as shorts will help to enhance your asset of the body. Try wearing a dark color coat or a full sleeves loose shrug to cover your heavy part! No you are not hiding anything but yes you are enhancing your better half.

Tip 2: Sensible and symmetrical clothing

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

Now if you are heavy from head to toe o need to worry girl. Try wearing sensible and symmetrical clothing which do not make you into a potato shape. If you are heavy all over then go with full length jeans but remember the jeans should be of ankle length and of pencil cut or a straight fit only! No bell bottoms or loose pants would go instead these would make you look short and fat.

If you have heavy breasts do not wear round neck shirt/t shirt at all that would make your breasts look heavier all wear a deep or a v-shape one! And the icing on the cake is you should wear bright colored short coat over it or you can go for a long one too. Now usually in choosing footwear we girls (big girls) hesitate in buying heels. Not to worry at all , you must go for a small height heel which matches to the color of your our wear.

Tip 3: Fully Fledged Clothes

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

If you have heavy thighs and arms do not wear fully fledged clothes at all! Try wearing fewer clothes just fold on your jeans or buy a 3/4th denim (preferably rugged).  Upon it wear a loose top make sure it is of a material other than cotton. Not to worry if you want to show off your shoulder as it won’t matter at all it would instead look you a bit hot! J

Always remember to open your hair. As this is the most important asset in a girl’s body. By opening your hair you would feel more confident and would not disturb you to concentrate anywhere else than your body!

Yes you can wear heels with you outwear if you are not comfortable with these you may also choose to put on your boot shoes but not sport shoes at all!

Tip 4 : chubby face and chubby body too

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

Now the ones who have chubby face and of course a chubby body too! You can go on with colors play with it girl! Do not shy at all in buying other than black! If you have short heights do wear pumps or any type of heels. You may try veggies too! Wear a light colored jeans and a bright orange or lemon color upon it! Under it to enhance your waist you can go on with a dark blue color shirt or a dark color of your own choice.  Do not forget to wear your favorite accessories. Wear a long chain with a trendy locket or a long neck piece. Of course you have to wear a contrasting color. Take a clutch in your hand matching any of the color which you are wearing. And at last put on a light make up with a light lip color. Always darken your beautiful eyes! Give a dark color to them!

And always remember to open your hair always 🙂

Tip 5 : Go For skirt

Fashion Tips For Fat Girls

You can also go on with skirt girl!

Wear a short shirt and a long or a medium length skirt under it. Now in this attire it is totally up to you weather you want to wear heels or want to walk on flat! Yes if you wear a skirt try to look as neat as you can as skirt brings out all the messiness of you. Do not wear a tight fitted skirt! As it would spoil your entire look. Wear a loose one! Take a nice sling and darken up your eyes. As shown below tie up a nice pony! And you are ready to go!

I am quite sure that the above tips would definitely help many girls out there and also help you feel more confident about yourselves and your bodies. Love u all 🙂

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  1. wow really useful post 🙂 nice tips 🙂

  2. well written jhalak.. 🙂

  3. very innovative post 🙂

  4. Its not veggies.. Its wedges. Some points were interesting though. Good work.

  5. Desperate!!

    All this is very helpful if your’e a women or a teenager. I’m a grandmother of 5 beautiful children, 1 of which is 8. She is really overweight and very tall. Almost as tall as me which is 5’4″. Unfortunately, obesity runs on both sides of the family. I have tried desperately to find trendy beautiful clothes for her and all I keep doing is heading right back to Justice. Ugh!! Help, isn’t there any other place to go??? I’m hoping someone here can make suggestions for me. She’s already showing signs of depression.

  6. I loved the way you have presented it. Thank you very much for sharing such an amazing article. Looking forward to reading such amazing articles in the future as well.

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