Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Oh my mine!!! Am I looking a fashion disaster??? Nobody wants to hear affirmative to this query. But we all have must gone through this phase at least once in a lifetime. Bad eyes, bad dressing sense these not only happen with us, but are Bollywood divas are also not untouched by theses blunders. We will learn to rise only when we fall, yeah I have seen many doom days and now finally I know some special points which if considered can save one from the fashion disaster. So let’s take a look at Fashion Mistakes to Avoid.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Apart from your makeup, there are several points which must be noticed to avoid any fashion blunders. Like it is very important what you are wearing, is it fit for the occasion, what accessories you are going to carry, and many more. Let us see some Fashion Mistakes to Avoid.

Make up Mistakes to Avoid

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Before you start with your makeup, have a clear vision of what you want. How you want to look and how would other react when they will see you. You don’t want to look like a makeup-holic, now this whole idea may go wrong if you are getting ready for your wedding. So before you start with some heavy bold makeup make it sure that you know how to wear the right makeup and one thing more that is the occasion.

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Outfit Mistakes to Avoid

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Whatever you are wearing, make it sure it goes well with the environment where you will be carrying that. Most importantly you are feeling comfortable and confident enough to carry that outfit.

Next point, outfit must be of a perfect size, if you will go for a bigger size you may look like a old woman, again if you go for smaller size, you may look skinny. So avoid the size blunders. Again try the outfit before you buy, even try it once more at your home. You don’t want to be a victim of wardrobe malfunction.

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Accessories Mistakes to Avoid

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See these are very small things, but if you notice they can change your entire look. So be careful while choosing your accessories. They can be a reason of your fashion disaster. Heavy accessories may become nightmare, so choose your accessories in a right way and save yourself from fashion blunder.

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Hair color Mistakes to Avoid

Indians are born to have dark colored hairs, more on the blacker side. So you must be loving the colored hair but just don’t go green. Yeah I mean keep the color on the darker side like, wine red or any shades of chocolate. Avoid green, blues reds. Going blonde will be the biggest blunder.

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Nails Mistakes to Avoid

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Yeah keep them shaped and cut in a time. Do not go for a nails looking like devil. This may create a bad impression. Just manicure and keep the length of the nail appropriate.

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Lingerie size Mistakes to Avoid

Again like the outfit one must be aware of wearing a correct size of lingerie. It is that important, if you don’t wear it like a pro, you may not only end up with a fashion mistake but also some long time effects will make you his victim.

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I have tried to concentrate on these points as they have always proved to be my savior. These points are totally based on what I feel, you are always free to add your ideas, in fact if you innovate anything new please share with us.

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  1. It has happened to me like a million times especially in the case of earrings and eyeliner..??

  2. Fashion blunders have happened to me like a million times, especially in the case of earrings and eyeliner..??

  3. i can understand :p infact i have been its victim thousands of time.

  4. These things happen all the time…lovely post ?

  5. thats a great post surely..

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