Fair & Lovely BB Cream Review

Hello girls šŸ™‚ Finally got theĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream and after using it for a 2 days here is my review onĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream. Yami Gautam endorsing this BB cream on television. She say’s its not good or possible to wear makeup daily and selfie trend is going on everywhere so if you want look good every time without makeup then just use daily Fair & Lovely BB Cream for that flawless skin. Ya that’s true that BB cream really savior for any girl because it provides instantly good skin and its all look natural on skin. So hows this Fair & Lovely BB Cream actually lets check more about it.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream 1

RegularĀ Fair & Lovely cream never suits me, that regular cream gives me a big pimple on my cheeks and Pimple is like nightmare for me and I think for any girl pimple is a nightmare. But its my job to use this product and give you a proper and real review and I love it So finally I thought lets use it and no worries for pimples at all. SO lets check its review in brief

Fair & Lovely BB Cream pack

Fair & Lovely BB Cream

Price ofĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream : 9 gm for Rs.49/-Ā 

Ingredients and using direction :

Fair & Lovely BB Cream ingredients

Fair & Lovely BB Cream direction for use

Color : nude shade type

Smell : floral and fruity

Shelf Life : 24 months

Fair & Lovely BB Cream cap

What Fair & Lovely BB Cream Claim

Fair & Lovely BB Cream claims

Fair & Lovely BB Cream claim1

Fair & Lovely BB Cream swatch

My Experience with Fair & Lovely BB Cream

Fair & Lovely BB Cream comes in a nice small tube packaging with white screw cap andĀ the product comes out of the nozzle when the tube is squeezed. Packaging is so sturdy and you can easily carry it in ur hand bag. ConsistencyĀ of the BB cream is normal means not so runny or not so thick. This BB cream smells so fruity n flowery mix type. This smell goes off withing minute.Ā Fair & Lovely BB CreamĀ is little sticky and gives a white matte look on applying, that hides the dark skin spots instantly. This look blends with the fairer skin but looks rather badlyĀ artificial on the darker skins. Also, it is a bit too occlusive for oily type and yet not moisturizing for the dry skin types. ThisĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream comes in just one shade same like Garnier and Ponds BB cream.Ā For oily skin types, it is too occlusive and can increase blackheads and pimples for sure.Ā For dry skin type, it doesn’t seem to be a good moisturizer as it gives a dry and matte feel.Ā In sensitive skin, it might be irritate and cause outbreaks and pimples.Ā In pigmented skin types, the whitish tone would hide your spots but it is better not to dream of a spotless face.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream is a good value for money product.Ā Gives instant matte look with slight white complexion, so makes you look fairer instantly and hides your dark spots. This goes down well with the ones with fair skin as this Matt look blends with the skin undertone but it gives an artificial look to those with darker skin tone. It also providesĀ Sun protection due to sunscreens SPF 15. Due to its matte and oil free result it stays on face for a long last. It has a combination of foundation and fairness cream.

OverallĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream is just a waste of money product due to my Dry skin. EVen thisĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream is not that good for oily skin too. Ya its giveĀ instant matte look with slight white complexion, so makes you look fairer instantly and hides your dark spots but still its look like artificial on skin. So I would not suggest thisĀ Fair & Lovely BB Cream to anyone just buy it on your own risk.

Good about Fair & Lovely BB Cream

  • Supper affordable
  • Sun Protection
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Gives matte or oil free look
  • Instantly hides marks with low coverage

Bad about Fair & Lovely BB Cream

  • contain Parabean
  • Not for dry skin at all
  • Gives patchy Wheaties white look
  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Not blends easily
  • Sticky texture
  • Not for pigmented skin
  • Moisturizing part totally missing
  • GivesĀ an artificial mask like look

Availability :Ā Super easy

Fashion and Beauty RatingsĀ :Ā 1.4/5 Ā ā™„ā€¢

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  1. Fair & Lovely products never suit my skin, will be skipping this one too!! Thanks for the review Kiran šŸ™‚

  2. thanks for the honey review.. you saved my money

  3. a total dud !!!!!

  4. Fair and lovely products never suit me, I was not about to buy also. Thanks for review it saved many peoples buck šŸ™‚

  5. totally skipping it…not worth investing the bucks šŸ™‚

  6. from where i can buy this in New Delhi

  7. Haven’t used fair & lovely for long time and thought of buying this. U saved me. Thanks

  8. I used it and it is horrible.Leaves white patches on my skin everywhere.Not worth even 49 bucks.Thanks for reviewing.

  9. I used it…… it is not so bad that you r telling everyone…I also have oily and dry skin and I try to use it and it really good….I think it is differ from person to person…by the way thanks for giving reviews of beauty product…

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