Facts about Eyeliner

We girls love getting dolled up! And for that, we use various products that helps to enhance our look. Also we look out for new makeup products to further beautify ourselves. But how much do we know about them? No I am not talking about their ingredients or how to use etc. Do you know where it came from? Or some interesting facts about them? Trying out new cosmetics is fun, but getting to know about their history of evolution won’t be less exciting. In this post, I will share some interesting Facts about Eyeliner. Eyeliner is one of our basic makeup items that we use on daily basis. How to apply eyeliner, top eyeliner brands, different ways of applying eyeliner – we all know these! But this post will bring you some fun facts about the invention of eyeliner. So keep reading Facts about Eyeliner below 🙂

Facts about Eyeliner

Invented in Egypt

Eyeliner was first invented in Egypt and Mesopotemia. It is believed to be the first ever beauty product to be invented by mankind. And ?it was invented around in 10.000 BC.

Was a Unisex Product

Using eyeliner was not only restricted to women then. Men also used to apply it to accentuate their eyes with bold, black color!

Eyeliner facts

Interesting Use

Eyeliner was not only used to enhance the beauty of eyes, but it had some interesting use as well. Ancient people used to believe that putting on eyeliner would save them from evil spirits and act as sunscreen for their eyes.

Eyeliner was out of Fashion until the 1920s

Eyeliner was invented way back in 10,000 BC, but it could not gain much popularity until the 1920s. In 1922, King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, which helped eyeliner make a huge comeback in fashion and beauty world.

fun Facts about Eyeliner

Used to Contain Toxic Ingredients

Earlier eyeliner used to be made of by combining lead, copper and antimony. Lead and antimony are very harmful for eyes and overall health. Later on, safer ingredients were introduced to make this very popular eye makeup product.


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Different Ways of Applying Eye Liner

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History of Cat Eye

The popular cat eye isn’t as old fashioned as yo may think. In fact, liquid eye liner was invented not before 1960. So if you are planning to give your eyes a ’20s or ’30s look, keep it smokey, not winged 🙂

interesting Facts about Eyeliner

Creative Use

If you think, eyeliner is only for your eyes, then this fact would prove you wrong! The shortage of silk and other necessary items during World War II forced the ladies to draw a line using their black eyeliner on the back of their legs to fake the seam of silk stockings.

Types of Eyeliner

Currently there are 5 kinds of eyeliner is available in the market. Liquid eyeliner is most popular, closely followed by our beloved Kohl, then Gel Eyeliners. The other two variants are powder based pencils and wax based pencils.

So here are some?Facts about Eyeliner. Hope you enjoyed reading them. Don’t forget to share your feedback below in the comment section 🙂 Take care and stay gorgeous!

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  1. By the way Indians also used kajal on their eyes to accentuate which worked same way as eyeliner much more before than mesopotamian culture.

  2. Super love for this post….lots of fun facts 🙂

  3. Great post <3 An eyeliner is a must have in my makeup kit!!

  4. I love eye makeup and yes i know eyeliner has so many plus points…but yes i love kajals more

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