What is Facial Contouring

Today I am explaining you What is Facial Contouring. Face contouring  is basically a makeup technique where in you can add some depth and dimensions to your face to make it look more chiselled and shapely. Here, you can highlight certain features of your face while also making it look slimmer. However, it is not a routine makeup routine and can be used on some special occasions. It is a strategy of playing with colours in such a way that your face appears flawless when it reflects light. If done right, it can magically transform your face.

What is Facial ContouringWhat is Facial Contouring

For a face contouring you will need

  • A primer
  • A highlighting concealer / light foundation
  • A foundation that matches your skin tone
  • A  foundation several shades darker than your skin shade.  P.s: The foundations should be matte
  • A bronze
  • A good quality foundation brush / beauty blender
  • A good quality blending brush
  • Translucent Setting powder

You will be amazed at the way contouring can change your face cuts and appearance. I have included a few pictures of Kareena Kapoor so that you can appreciate the difference. It needs a little practice to master at this. So, it is recommended that you try it out a couple of times before doing this on some special occasion.

What is Facial Contouring

What is Facial Contouring

Steps for Face contouring 

  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and tone it to close the pores. Use a light moisturiser to allow easy application of subsequent products.
  • Next, apply a makeup primer to prepare your face for makeup.
  • Apply your regular foundation that suits your skin tone the best. A one that gives light to medium coverage works best for this technique.
  • Next, Choose the darker foundation and use your foundation brush to apply it on the following areas. You kind of need to streak or paint these areas with dark foundation. These are:
  • Below the cheek bones or the so called hollows of your cheek, along your hair line on the forehead, along your jaw line, in the dip between your lower lip and chin, along sides of your nose. Blend well.
  • Next, you need to use your highlighting concealer or a foundation that is at least 2 shades lighter than your own skin tone on center of forehead, along your chin and your cheek bones, underneath your brow bone,  along your nasal bone, a line joining the corner of the mouth moving towards the jaw, below get eyes in an inverted triangle and your cupid’s bow. Blend well using your foundation brush.
  • There is no hard and fast rule, it depends on what and how much looks the best on you. So, that is why you need to practice a few number of times to figure out exactly your personalized contouring style.
  • Next, take a blending brush and blend in any harsh lines between the darker and lighter foundations. It is advisable to work in sections to blend and also, working outside- inwards works best. It is a little tricky.
  • You will notice that certain areas of your face are more prominent and certain look deeper thus giving a dimension to your face. Contouring helps your nose appear more sleek, your double chin can be overlooked, cheek bones look more sculpted, face appears more lifted  and skin essentially blemish free.
  • Set and buff the foundations using a setting powder on the areas where you applied the highlighting concealer. Use a light bronzer to set the areas where you applied the darker foundation.
  • Take any blush of your choice and add a kiss of blush on the apples of your cheek to further accentuate your cheek bones. Add on the rest of the makeup to look your flawless best!!

Hope you liked the write up. 🙂

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