Facia Facial Bar Review

Hello Readers!! I am going to write Facia Facial Bar Review. There used to be a time when liquid face washes were not so easily available. Ladies used kitchen secrets to keep their face clean and free from dirt. This got passed on from mothers to their daughters who used ingredients like gram flour and fullers earth to wash their face. Now-a-days, besides liquid facial cleansers bar or soap cleansers are available too and here is one of them.

Facia Facial Bar Review

Facia Facial Bar is a facial cleanser which revitalizes the skin and enhances the glow of the face. Being enriched with exotic ingredients like Camphor, Kesar and Sandalwood it clears skin of dirt and grime, keeps fungal infection at bay, rejuvenates stressed out skin and makes it firm and youthful. Scroll down below and read my Facia Facial Bar Review to know how good it works.

Price of Facia Facial Bar : Rs.40/- for 25 gms

Direction for use : Not mentioned

Ingredients :
Kesar, Chandan, Lactate, Aloe Vera, Camphor, Olive, EDTA, Bar Base, Preservatives and Perfumes.

pack 1, Facia Facial Bar Review

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : Saffron orange

Smell : Pleasant

pack 2, Facia Facial Bar Review

What Facia Facial Bar claims

claims, Facia Facial Bar Review

swatch, Facia Facial Bar Review

My experience with Facia Facial Bar

Facia Facial Bar has a very traditional soap like packaging, nothing fancy to woo your washroom. It is a sleek soapy bar placed in a plastic tub. Its outer box has a provision such that one can hang this box on any wall of the washroom. This has a pleasant fragrance which resembles the fusion of natural ingredients like saffron and sandalwood. This facial bar is meant for normal to oily skin as extremely dry skin may find it too harsh.

Being a light weight product, Facia Facial Bar can easily be lifted and used to cleanse the face. For longer preservation of the product it is better to cut it into two pieces and use a small piece at a time. One simply needs to wet the face and neck and rub the facial bar gently against the skin. In a few seconds it creates very negligible lather. It clears face of all dirt, oil and impurities and makes skin super clean instantly. One bar is enough to use for two months or so. Face looks smoother and softer to touch.

The best part of this Facia Facial Bar is that it needs little care as the tub provided restricts the melting of the soap before time. The product gets washed away with little water and there is no waxy feeling on the skin. However the claims of fairness or facial like glow has got nothing to do with this. It is just a regular face wash in the form of a bar. It is not harsh on skin like a body soap, yet it does not live up to its promises of brightening skin, preventing breakouts or making skin firm. Sometimes it also makes skin a bit oily after a few hours of using it.

Overall Facia Facial Bar is an inexpensive facial cleanser in the form of a bar which cleanses skin of impurities and grime yet does not live up to its tall claims of imparting a facial like glow to the skin.

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Good about Facia Facial Bar

  • Inexpensive price tag
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Cleans skin perfectly
  • Makes skin
  • Does not over dry the skin
  • One bar survives very long
  • No melting problem like other soaps

Bad about Facia Facial Bar

  • No facial like glow or brightening of the skin
  • Does not make skin firm
  • Makes skin oily after a few hours
  • Just an average facial cleanser in the form of a bar

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5 ♥♥♥

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  1. Sounds like a decent facial bar. I am more into face washes than facial bars.

  2. Hehe! this soap reminds me of old days. Long time back when i saw this add on television and bought this soap to have a facial like glow. but it did nothing like that 😛

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