Faces Sindoor Review

Hi Beauties!! How are you doing? Today I will be sharing Faces Sindoor Review. Holi is just around the corner. I love colors and I enjoy playing holi. Colors bring liveliness to the life. Imagine life without colors. So, today my product, which is Faces Sindoor, is of a much use to all the married ladies. Indian brides prefer wearing sindoor after marriage, in order to show their love for the spouse. It is part of Indian culture. Also, wearing the sindoor brings full liveliness to the look of the married ladies. Lets check out more about Faces Sindoor.

Faces Sindoor Review

Faces Sindoor is a new launch in the Indian market. Faces, which is a foreign brand, has launched a Faces Sindoor. I am big fan of Faces brand. I have tried Jovees and Shehnaz Sindoor, both of which were claimed to be herbal . But this Faces Sindoor is not herbal. I was very surprised to find this in a store. I have used Faces lip color before and really liked it. So without giving a second thought, I grabbed it. Maroon and red shades of the sindoor were available, but I prefer wearing red, so grabbed the red shade, So, let us look at the Faces Sindoor Review below.

Faces Sindoor tube

Faces Sindoor

Price of Faces Sindoor : Rs.130/-

Direction for use : Apply using the tip of the wand

Key Ingredients :
Faces Sindoor ingredients

Shelf Life : 30 months

Color : red

Smell : no smell

Faces Sindoor applicator

What Faces Sindoor claims

Faces Sindoor claims

Faces Sindoor swatch

My experience with Faces Sindoor

Sindoor is not compulsory for all the married ladies. Usually it is believed to wear either sindoor or bindi, but wearing bindi does not go well with the jeans and western clothing, and ladies end up wearing sindoor most of the time, specially office goers.

The packaging of Faces Sindoor is similar to the sindoor available in the market. It is a lovely red bright tube with golden cap. The wand is attached to the cap. Quite travel friendly I must say and fits perfectly in the make up box. It looks similar to the liquid gloss bottle.

The wand is flat on a side for an easy application. I prefer flat wand on one side so that sindoor is applied gracefully. The color I purchased is red as I love the red color popped up and it gives a brightened look. Wearing sindoor is not compulsory now a days, but I prefer wearing it as it makes married lady more graceful.

I do not prefer wearing chutkiwala sindoor as it is mess to clean off tresses and sometimes lead to dandruff and rashes in hair.

Faces Sindoor can be applied smoothly and has a thick consistency. It stays well for an entire day and in case if I missed out washing it, it is visibly shown the next day too. It did not give me any rashes. I only wish it was herbal like its other competitors in the market.

It is waterproof to some extent, does not get wiped off easily but to some extent. One tube lasts easily for 3 months. And for me, I like using this sindoor from Faces daily.

Overall Faces Sindoor is a good launch by Faces for Indian customers, but I wish it was herbal like most of the competitors in the market.

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Good about Faces Sindoor

  • Bright color
  • Sponge tip wand
  • Available in two colors; red and maroon
  • Matte finish
  • Easily available
  • Online available
  • Lasts upto 24 hours (in extreme cases)
  • Waterproof though not totally

Bad About Faces Sindoor

  • Non herbal

Availability : easily available online and offline

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 3/5

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