Faceclin Gel Review

Hi friends, Faceclin Gel is Medical gel called Faceclin. Faceclin gel has antibiotic and vitamin A supplement as its key ingredients, it is prescribed in patients with acne and acne marks on their face. Its wonder product for prone skin like acne, pimple take a look for more. Today my post is about Faceclin Gel Review.

Faceclin Gel Review

Price of Faceclin Gel 

Rs.115/- for 20 gm

Direction for using Faceclin Gel 

Apply a thin film of gel to the affected area, only after thoroughly washing the skin with soap. Enough gel should be used to cover the affected area (this is most important, dab sufficient amount of gel on the can) I will advise to leave it overnight and see the difference next morning.

Key ingredients of Faceclin Gel 

Faceclin Gel

Shelf life of Faceclin Gel 

24 months

Color of Faceclin Gel 

transparent gel

Smell of Faceclin Gel 

Ginger like smell

Faceclin acne Gel Review

What Faceclin Gel claims

It is manufactured under the brand name of Abbott, which is a very well known pharmacy brand. This gel is composed of two primary ingredients- Cindamycin & Nicotinamide

Faceclin acne gel

Feel about Faceclin Gel 

I have combination skin. Some years before Because of little prone skin  I have been prescribed to use it by kaya’s doctor, I have been using it over a year now and very satisfied with the results it offers. In case you need to be sure, please feel free to consult your doctor and then use it. Faceclin Gel comes in a white tube packaging. The gel is absolutely clear and colorless and smells like ginger. Faceclin gel I apply it at bed time, right after washing my face with face wash, On application, I don’t feel any irritation or burning sensation. I apply sufficient amount on the unwanted pimples. That’s all, after this I simply do nothing and sleep. Next morning when I get up, I see magic, it reduces considerably. This is the best product to reduce and make acne disappear. Works wonder for me – doesn’t have any cons  which is why its always a preference for me.  It works fine on any inflamed spot or headed spots. This is also good for open spots.

I Recommend it to all who want overnight magic from those nightmare of pimple

Good about Faceclin Gel 

  • Wonder on prone skin like pimple, acne
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry
  • Works in overnight

Bad about Faceclin Gel 

  • Contact with eyes /mouth can cause irritation.

Availability : Easily on any chemist

Fashion And Beauty Rating : 5/5  ♥♥♥♥♥

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  1. wow! i need to get this soon!

  2. Good review kiran 🙂 This will be of great help for teenegers especially 🙂

  3. wow will pick this up next time 🙂

  4. Great review girl babe <3

  5. nice review. but not 4 me

  6. faceclin is a magic gel..i recommend every1 to use it without any doubt……use it….jst use it and feel the difference……..this gel may not take exact same time to work as it did for me but still who cares ……results are worth waiting!!!!go ahead ..grab 1 today..muah

  7. Can I use this also for black spots in my face

  8. hi i am in pakistan and want to buy it please tell me how can i buy it?

  9. I generally don’t write reviews I m 21 and I had severe acne which lasted from past 4 years making me feel embarassing,low on confidence believe it or not just in 20 days after using faceclin my skin is as clear as it can get,I regret of wasting 4 years by not using this gel,it will work overnight removes redness from acne, pimples become small overnight.all u have to do is wash ur face and apply topically leave overnight morning u ll see the magic,even u can apply in morning and sub exposure is not at all a problem for this gel.wonderful product from Abbott??

    • Hello Prajwal,

      Could you please tell me which face wash are you using for washing your face.

      Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

  10. Hi, I live in Pakistan. I want to buy this gel. Can you guide me how can I get this.

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