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Hello all 🙂 My first do it yourself post for BeautifulhameshaBlog. Today I am going to show you a very traditional and unique way of treating acne. I suffer from acne always and I am tired trying out many creams and lotions and visited dermatologists and bla bla bla for my acne treatment but as usual never got good and instant results.Then my grand mother suggested me her traditional way for treating acne. Read Face Pack for Acne DIY to know how to remove acne.
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Face Pack for Acne imageHow and why acne occur ?

Acne are usually formed because of dust and dirt from the air and they acquire it in the skin taking the form of small and big lumps i.e; we call acne or pimples.They are also caused by dirt from our hands,unclean pillows,unchanged bedsheet and the major reason i came out and observed is it occurs by eating unhealthy,oily food and people who’s bowels are unclean.Yes unclean bowels or constipation can also cause acne.Tension,stress are another major reasons. Now you must find out your way of why acne frequently bothers you. I found out mine.

So I will be showing to prepare a pack for acne from Indian spices.Yeah…..Isn’t it unique and different.What does one thing when we speak about Indian spices?Its just like spicy,khatta,meetha…..

Ingredients list for this Acne pack

1. Nutmeg – Jayfal
2. Tumeric stick or powder- haldi
3.  Cinnamon stick – Kalmi
4. Black pepper – kali mirch/ meera
5. Cloves – Laung/Lavang.
6. Chandan Powder or chandan stick
7. Paaras for making paste of all the above
8. Water for mixing.

Face Pack for Acne ingredients
Steps for Acne face pack

1. First of all take cinnamon stick and roll it over paaras along with few sprints of water over it for 3 mins.
2. Then take 2-3 black pepper seeds and do the same.
3. Take 2 cloves and roll over again and roll till you get paste.
4. Then one by one roll over nutmeg,tumeric and chandan to get a thick paste. Use water in between.

Face Pack for Acne steps

  • When the paste is ready apply over the acne as in the picture and leave it until it dries.And wash it off making slight circular motions with luke warm water.
  • Apply alternatively for 3-4 days.You will see a vast difference within these days as the pimples dries up and new skin starts appearing. After applying you may feel a bit irritation as the paste contains cloves,cinnamon and black pepper which are spicy but then chandan,tumeric and nutmeg are added to neutralize its effect.
  • you can prepare the paste of adding these ingredients by your requirements

Face Pack for Acne swatch

  • You all know the properties of all these spices.
  • Tumeric makes skin fairer and glowing so its applies to bride before marriage.
  • Chandan has the same properties.
  • Nutmeg gives cooling effect and mostly used for babies when they have fewer.
  • Cloves,cinnamon and black pepper are used to instant healing for acne as they reduce its size instantly.

So, friends i hope you do like it and tell me your experiences.

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  1. this is totally different pack though I don,t suffer from acne but will surely recommend this

  2. Great post. Not for me though but will help the suffers I feel. 🙂

  3. i have used this pack in my early teenage. now i m problem free

  4. very well explained

  5. Saniya@beautynbuzz

    I am facing acne :/ I sooo needed this post..Thanks hun…M gonna try ti today for sure 🙂

  6. great one dear 🙂 wel come to beautifulhamesha family 🙂

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