Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants. What do we all want to be?? Of course, beautiful! You know what is technique of becoming beautiful? It is pretty common that most of the times we keep finding flaws in ourselves or compare ourselves to someone else. The woman who truly feels that she is beautiful is indeed beautiful!? So here I reveal that cosmetics afterwards, first keep reminded that you’re beautiful and unique no matter how much criticism you get.Well, well, I’m here today to share Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review. Let us read on my post below.

Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

Rose water is very good in purifying the skin and protects it from bacterial infections. It is also a brilliant skin toner as it tones the skin and helps removing dirt, makeup and oil from the skin. Rose water improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. It boosts the scalp and health of the hair, and makes them strong and flexible with minimum breakage. Take a look at my Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review to know the effectiveness of this product.

pack, Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

Price of Fabindia Rose Facial Water : Rs.175/- for 100 ml

Directions for use and Ingredients :
how to use and ingredients, Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Colorless

Smell : Pure and light smell of rose

cap, Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

What Fabindia Rose Facial Water claims

Our 100% plant based soothing water is collected during the steam distillation of flowers while extracting essential oils.

swatch, Fabindia Rose Facial Water Review

My experience with Fabindia Rose Facial Water

Fabindia Rose Facial Water comes in the very common plastic bottle with a pink paper wrapped around. Then there is a spray hole at an end which is closed by a mini plastic cap. Spraying is easy but very less amount comes out in one press, so most of the times I have to open the whole thing and pour the water.

Fabindia rose facial water is a multi-utility product. So this makes it a must have item. For skin, I use it as the base of face packs and a refresher. Face packs when mixed with this gives amazing results. And when I go out, I simply apply it on my face and in a second my skin refreshes. Also, if applied on a daily basis, it can cleanse and add glow to your skin too.

For hair, as Anju had said in one of her posts, I use Fabindia Rose Facial Water as a hair rinse sometimes and mostly as a hair serum composed of 1/4th rose water and 3/4th normal water, supposed to be applied right after shampooing hair. That makes my hair soft and shiny and the results were fast too. These aren’t the only uses of this, there are a million more but I haven’t tried those yet.

If you take a fresh rose and smell that and then Fabindia Rose Facial Water, you’ll see that both of them are very same. This proves that the formula is totally natural.The packaging was not at all good. In fact, if you don’t read the label, then you’ll surely think it is some local product. Another thing I didn’t like about it was that the quantity and the price were not in proportion. For this price, I would surely expect more quantity and vice versa.

Overall, Fabindia Rose Facial Water isn’t just for the face but for the hair and the rest of the body too. Everything brought together, it is just perfect and indeed a must have. 101% recommended!

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Good about Fabindia Rose Facial Water

  • Adds glow to the skin
  • Cleanses
  • Nourishes
  • Refreshes
  • Works well when mixed with face packs
  • Good as a hair rinse or serum
  • Pure fragrance of rose
  • Multi-purpose
  • Natural and vegan

Bad about Fabindia Rose Facial Water

  • Look of the container is not good
  • Very less amount comes out with each press
  • Price and quantity not in proportion
  • Wrong guidance, it isn’t just for facial use
  • Availability

Availability : Online or in fabindia stores

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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