Fab Bag 2nd Anniversary Celebration Giveaway ! – Closed

Hey everyone Its 2nd Anniversary of Fab Bag So Happiest 2nd Anniversary FAB BAG. Only I know how much I love my every months fab bag , I am just crazy for Fab bag. I have been subscriber of Fab bag from last 2 years and even I still remembered that old name The Vellvette Box which now known as The FabBagIts totally true that how time files fast and look today Fab bag celebrating a 2nd Anniversary….yuppie…So today for all readers its chance to win 2nd Anniversary FAB BAG which is Anniversary special edition Bag and . So lets check out rules of Giveaway!

Fab Bag 2nd Anniversary Celebration Giveaway

*****2nd Anniversary FAB BAG Giveaway *****

  • 2 winners will win free 2nd Anniversary special edition Fab Bag.
  • Participate from Facebook or from Instagram.
  • All Participant who followed rules with best Answer will get chance to win
  • Giveaway ends on 12th September 2014 midnight
  • Winners would be announced on 14th September, 2014
  • Prizes sponsored by Fab Bag.
  • Participating from Facebook and Instagram will make your chance double to win

Fab Bag 2nd Anniversary Celebration Giveaway


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Step 3: Comment below What do you like most about our BeautifulhameshaBlog and Fab Bag ? Also mentioned your Facebook name and the Email Address to contact you 


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Step 3: Comment below What do you like most about our BeautifulhameshaBlog and Fab Bag ? Also mentioned your Instagram ID and the Email Address to contact you 

Best of luck Everyone 😀

Check what I received in my bag and Video 

Fab Bag 2nd Anniversary Celebration Giveaway


About Kiran Raj Singh

Kiran born and brought up in Mumbai is the founder of beautifulhamesha.com. She is a Management graduate and beauty lover by heart. Kiran’s passion for make-up and beauty products motivated her to start beauty website. She started JAM Infotech online Pvt Ltd in 2016. She is married and has a beautiful daughter, Anika. She loves shopping, buying new beauty products, applying make-up in her free time.


  1. awesme

      • BHB gives us a chance to know the good and bad about any given product ands leaves us an oppurtunity to decide whether or not to buy that product. Ofcourse, lots of great beauty and skincare advice too. Fab bag does a great job of sending so many good quality products at a very reasonable price and includes lovely brands. The bags look awesome too.

        shared and tagged on f.b.
        fb name apoorva dhuper
        email [email protected]

  2. What do I like most about BeautifulhameshaBlog: Many things, starting from authenticity and Genuineness of thoughts and reviews to the range and variety of products of all range and brands to the lifestyle advise that we get here. Everything about this blog makes me open it daily and read it. No wonder every morning this is the first thing that i look forward to, even though i have not been actively commenting but i sure am a silent appreciator.

    What I Like about Fab Bag: EVERYTHING!! What is not to like, the bag- super awesome, the products – amazing, the discounts – irresistible. Its a monthly dose of happiness! 🙂 🙂

    Facebook name – Ritika Tripathi
    Instagram ID – Ritztrip
    Email Address – [email protected]

    P.S Shared and tagged on FB and Tagged on Instagram. 🙂

  3. REally nice video Kiran..! Loved it!

  4. I first came to know about fabbag from your blog!
    The thing I like most about beautifulhameshablog, is Kiran is such a positive personthats its like a packet of sunshine with every blog.
    And what’s not to like about fabbag???
    The thoughtfulness, the element of surprise and my love for all things new makes it the best site ever 🙂
    And it’s great to see you participating in this Giveaway B-)
    Followed all the steps you mentioned, through Instagram.
    My Instagram ID is nymphea.saraf and the email id is [email protected].
    Looking forward to winning this 😉

  5. I like to know about this contest from ur blog n really happily surprised . Its my dream to win this fab bag once. Let’s hope for the best. And about Beautiful hamesha blog its just awesomw I dont hv any word to describe all I can say in one word is that its incredible

  6. Heena Raghav Khurana

    this is great news

  7. Hi my journey to this world of blogging started through Kiran and BHB. I have been a silent but a regular writer for this blog. BHB has shown me great confidence and motivated me to write and prove myself. Through BHB i came across latest fashion trends, updates, beauty articles, makeup tricks n the list goes on. The blog is started by Kiran and Raj and I am and will always be grateful for such inspiration. Managing home, a kid and growing business is a great motivation to all the ladies out here. Thank you Kiran, Thank you Raj and thank you BHB. My best wishes for BHB to grow and reach great heights. God bless you all.

    About Fab bag i came to know through BHB itself. I always wondered about these unheard brands initially. But now i know most of the best brands in the world are available as free samples through Fab bag which inspires us to try and buy rather than simply buying expensive brands. Best thing about fab bag is they choose products according to your skin type, hair type and body type. Same products are never given and always new and best products are made available to all pretty ladies. I am looking forward to this giveway and positive about receiving it 🙂 🙂 Thanks Fab Bag for this awesome idea of giving giveway and hearty congratulation for your second anniversary.
    Facebook Name : Anju Malgaonkar
    Email ID : [email protected]

  8. I love the tips from this blog n about fab bag i love the products n the cute bags. what else to say the shout out is just awsome & this shows how people are enjoying your posts & fab bag as well.

    thanks n hoping to win this tym. Love XOXO .

    My Instagram ID is dipika18 & the fb name is dipika parial, email id : [email protected] / [email protected]
    Looking forward to win this 😉

  9. Thank u so much piyali to participated 🙂 Best of luck 🙂

  10. Simply love the recommendations on Beautifulhamesha and fabbag is just awsm :*:*:*

  11. BHB is the best blog ever to get all the reviews of the beauty products whether they are good or bad. According to skin type, how to choose your right products, makeup tutorials are great on this. I totally Love all the post given by KIRAN for tutorial and videos that are awesome. Beautifulhamesha: Fashion and Beauty Blog FAB BAG #deboshree009 @[email protected] Namrata Pandey Piyali Guha Toshniwal Avanti Patil Dipa Biswas Heena Raghav Khurana

    @beautifulhameshablog:disqus @thefabbag BHB gives all the info about makeup and cosmetics according to skin complexion, skin type. All are fabulous in fabbag its a small surprise package for every girl. Both are girls bestest friend. #2ndFABAnniversary @[email protected]

  12. Beautifulhameshablog is one of the best beauty blog which keeps me updated with worlds best and trendiest products. it is a blog full of best reviews of the beauty products. it helps me to find out the best product from a huge collection of thus, finding out the best among them.also helping me to choose the ones which will suit my skin type.

    FAB BAG is a bag full of fab makeups. i just love the bag and the surprises inside it. the bag has fab makeup goodies which are free from any side effects,allergy,paraben etc. i just love the way they surprise me every month with the goodness of it at my doorstep and it is something that i really wait for every month 😛

    you people are doing great job.. love u.. good luck 🙂 :*

    fb name- Priyanka Shaw , email- [email protected]

  13. Karishma Jain [email protected]

    @beautifulhameshablog:disqus is a platform which is in constant efforts of keeping me beautiful hamesha. I just love the various tips and tricks on it which enhances my beauty and makes me love myself more and more. It also informs us about the new trends and various Dos and Don’ts. Simply love it.

    @FabBag congrats on the 2nd anniversary. Have a bash! It is truly a boon to be in touch with this awesome beauty bag, which has given me FABulous transformation from simple to gorgeous. The idea of FabBag is very innovative and it comes in a very easy-to-carry bag which is equally cute and lavish. The products used are mind blowing and the how-to-use cards are very useful. Keep up the great work, Team FabBag, You are simply awesome!!!

  14. joined giveaway on Instagram and Fb both

    Following #beautifulhameshablog recently only and I love the way things are reviewed there . . .watched youtube channel also some fantastic video uploads . . . Gud Work. . .as far as #fabbag is concerned I love the idea and have been feasting on the surprise elements found in my two fabbags 😀 😉 :-)♡ ♥♥♥♥

    Instagram id – #nainamg_21 , FB id Naina Magotra , email id – [email protected]

  15. Priya Chauhan (Joie de vivre) [email protected]

    @beautifulhameshablog is truly amazing if u wish to know reviews about any product so many times we end up buying products about which we are not very clear if they would suit us or if there is any thing about the product which makes it not a good buy, in such scenarios beautifulhamesha blog brings clarity and helps us in make up our mind about what is really a good product for us.

    @fab bag is something i cherish everytime i receive it. i received some truly wonderful products and now they are part of my beauty routine. one expression is mostly common for my friends and family when i receive fab bag i.e. oh great she loves it again. not only me but also my friends enjoy looking at my fab bag. i love love love fab bag.

  16. First of all CONGRATULAIONS FAB BAG for completing 24 months so far and also i want to congoz BEAUTIFULHAMESHA BLOG that you are also a part of such programme..I am so glad to know that the blog which i read non stop (daily :D) almost all the topics i have covered upto..has come up with such a nice concept..i just LOOOOOVEEEE your blog..this much that it is on my Bookmarks..everytime when i open my internet on my lappy my hands directly goes to the particular bookmark just after opening my FB account.. i am totally used to all the posts you cover because they are genuine and comes straight directly from your heart without any conspiracy which i love and appreciate the most.. i have already recommended BHB to some of my friends. FAB BAG is one of the greatest concept i have ever come across with..we get exciting and FAB(ulous) beauty and cosmetic product samples handpicked by their experts in an affordable prices .. what else a woman need 🙂 This lovely combination of BHB and FAB BAG rocks !! Yo YO !! Hugs and Kisses !! My FB name : PRERNA SAXENA My Email id : [email protected] and [email protected] ( shared at FB and more than 5 friends have been tagged 😉 )

  17. What do you like most about our BeautifulhameshaBlog?

    This blog taught me how to feel beautiful hamesha. Beauty is not just about makeup and lipsticks, athough I love them. But beauty is more about skincare, healthcare good diet and This blog taught me all.

    My routine is like check the blog once I get up, Then check whenever I get tym in office (sshhh secret 😉 and then check once I am back from office…

    You told me how to get ready for office in 5 min..

    Also I always wanted to tell you one thing which is linking me with you and Fab bag.. you know our skin type is so same.. we always get same products in fab bag. and your blog is first one to post about it every month. I always check your blog and voila I get the same products next day.. 🙂

    What do you like most about Fab Bag ?

    Fab bag is a small bag with bada dhamaka. Which girl doesnt like surprises.. that too makeup and cosmetics.. I love it.. that too with a cute bag everymonth.. I just love the whole idea of trying premium products without taking the risk of buying costly full size products.. Then once you like it you can buy it at discount… also the bonus is full size products… I just love it overall..

    Instagram ID: anchal05
    [email protected]

  18. FB Name: Saachi Garg
    Instagram ID: Saachi Garg
    Email ID: [email protected]

    What I love the most about your blog is the fact that I can count on you to give honest reviews which help me make an informed decision about the products to buy and use on my skin! Also, I myself have started a beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog and BeautifulHamesha inspires me to write!

    No words are enough to describe Fab Bag. Love how they give us luxury products at nominal rates which many of us couldn’t afford otherwise!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway and best wishes of blogging that you have ahead of you!
    P.S: Participated though both FB as well as Instagram!

  19. fb name sugandha dixit
    email [email protected]
    instagram id sugandhadixit85
    Hi Kiran
    Wat i love most about ur blog is dat u review not only high end and big brands but also the brands which are affordable so ur blog caters to both the classes and the masses. Needless to say ur honest and precise reviews have always given me proper insight on wat shud i buy !!!Thank you coming to FAB BAG fab is the appropriate name as i get such great products at nominal rates woww and cute bag too !! its my most awaited moment of every month abd i must say ur blog publishesd first review about fab bag every month thats really very nice of u !!

    Warm regards
    participatedfrm fb and insta both !<3 <3

  20. FB name : darshana Iyer
    email id: [email protected]

    speciality of your blog: 1)gives an insight of all the products sent till date.
    2) people opinion after receiving their fabbag gives an idea what all products they got that month and their experience – helping other people choose their products
    3) amazing deals

    Fab bag: As the name suggests it is fabulous bag, 🙂
    I am always surprised and amazed at the products sent to me. Most of them are as per what I want from you guys. IT is a nice opportunity to try out different brands as we generally get sample products which helps us to decide whether to go for it or not.

  21. Honest and to the point..big help for time-strapped people like me..Make up and Skin products are a huge part of my life and in my line one always needs to look good…so your blog and Fab Bag help in a big and beautiful way! Liked from my private FB Account and my Official Fanpage on Facebook…Luv Suz

  22. Fb name: Apoorva Jayarajan
    Email Id: [email protected]
    Instagram: apoorvaj10
    twitter: apps_iraa
    I have nothing but respect to humans like you, who take so much of time , effort , passion and love to review each and every single product/ and reach out to poor lost souls out there who are ill informed about make up/skincare/hair care needs. Hats off to you for the stupendous effort taken to give crisp, unbiased, to the point reviews of products that we use daily to the ones that we would splurge on! The Experience posts do help a lot, as we can be wary about the pros and cons of dealing with a certain products/portals that we haven’t tried before, or maybe are too skeptical to try out on our own. all in all, your endeavour is really very thoughful and well put together. FabBag itself, being such a unique concept has caught on like wild fire due to great souls such as you who take the time out and try each and every product,give us honest opinions and help us make the right choices! Kudos to you and FabBag!wayyyyy to go!!!
    I have participated on FB, Twitter, and Instagram! *fingerscrossed*

  23. Thanx fr dis giveaway.i so love ur makeup tutorials and reviwes. They r precise and excellent and i also like seeing the fun and quirky nail arts too..! Ur blog has guided me to reach out to the best products and has helped many beautys in so many ways..kudos to ur awesome blog.love it. I have been tempted [email protected] products cuz they seem so promising and fabulous.i just love the idea of trying a variety of high end brands at an affordable price that too every month,it is such a perky saviour.i am totally in love wid it.
    [email protected]

    [email protected]

  24. Thank you so much FabBag… I feel elated. Didn’t know about it but now after going through enjoy reading and love all views and tips. Surprised that last two years I had no idea about it. I am in Love with products and the whole idea. Just looking forward to be more immersed into it. Love you Team.

  25. Well, I will be very honest that I just liked your FB page for the contest so can’t really comment on your blog right now but you can definitely expect me pointing out on your blog in the future. But one thing I admit is I really love your blog name Beautifulhamesha. Makes me happy everytime I say that to myself. Fab bag is like magic to me as the bag is always filled with lots of fab products in it. Absolutely love everything Fab Bag brings out in it. They are a bliss to my skin making it the super soft & a healthy glow to it 🙂
    FB Name: Kavita Nayak
    Email Id: [email protected]

  26. First, I would like to congratulate you on your 2nd anniversary and second thank you for this lovely giveaway. Well, If I talk about on beautifulhameshablog. I really liked the page because, It’s quite interesting to know about girly things and the best part you update with new products and new activity. I really enjoy to read everything and I love the name of blog. And If I talk about on fab bag is like a bag of Santa Claus. Because, every single stuff which girls need. You get in here. I truly love the concept of fab bag. In one cute bag you get a surprise of happiness. I mean look at the bag and stuff. It’s totally makes me crazy to carry anywhere any place. As being a girl I know It’s very difficult to take every make up stuff in hand bag. But fab bag make it easy and cool. I love fab bag very much and I wish I could get one for me.

    Facebook Name : Annu Dogra Email Id : [email protected]

  27. Liked beautifulhameshablog and tagged my five female friends. All done
    Wish to get lucky 🙂

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