Eye Makeup Tips for Indian Women

We all are beautiful and splendid in our own way, but a little makeup can do enchantment on us. A faultless makeup can make one more eye-catching and dazzling. If it is so, then why not try some quick tips which can really help to do masters in makeup at home?  When we come to makeup, one of the trickiest parts is eyes. If you have done the eye makeup in a correct order then you can steal million hearts, the makeup will highlight your deep eyes and will speak your heart. So let us add some spark to your eyes with these simple tips. Today I am going to share Eye Makeup Tips for Indian Women.

Eye Makeup Tips for Indian WomenSee Indian woman not only implies to dusky skin tone, I mean you can find almost 4 to 5 diverse complexion in India. But in general when we say Indian skin tone, we implies to the dusky skin tone. Today in this topic I have covered basically the dusky skin tone, but these instructions are collective any one can try these out, but they will give best results to the dusky one. So let’s take a look at Eye Makeup Tips for Indian Women.

Tip to Make Your Eyes Bigger and Attractive

Eye Makeup Looks for Indian Women

If you have got small eyes, not to worry you can make it look bigger by simply outlining the outer lid of your eyes with some thick and kohl black Kajal. Try to use some powder Kajal above the liner. Never forget to brush up the eye lashes with some powder Kajal before you apply mascara. This enhances the look and makes your eyes more alive.

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Choose the Right Primer or Concealer

Eye Makeup Looks for Indian Women 1

First of all, it is very important that your eye makeup must compliment your attire. So before you do anything first have a look on what you are going to wear and then decide the look which you desire to have. Then the next task is to decide a primer, I will suggest you to keep concealer or primer of different shades like one darker to your complexion, and one lighter. Now I am saying this because the darker one will help you to give some relief to your chubbiness, and the lighter one will help you to hide your dark circles, if any. So choosing the primer is a tough task you need to do experiment and then only you will find the one which suits your skin tone. I can recommend few but then again they will superfluous, because personally I don’t know exactly what the skin tone near your eye contour is.

Eye Shadows Brings Joy to Your Eyes

Eye Makeup Looks for Indian Women 2

Your eyes are talkative, yeah I got this compliment many times, see eye makeup can make you look desirable or a clown; it is up to you how you want to look. Yes of course you don’t want to become a fun right? So from the next time when you think of applying shadows keep these points in mind.

  • Never experiment with colors when you are going out, you have lot of time at your home, you can try out different colors then.
  • Always choose for the shades which are on the cooler side, it will save you. Again if you know which color suits your complexion you can go with it.
  • For beginners avoid smoky eyes, first set your fingers on the simple makeup and then you can try out the smoky one.
  • Never use basic local brand Kajal pencils to give a smoky look.
  • Try to avoid the use of shimmer, they can be messy.

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Shape Your Brows

Eye Makeup Brows for Indian Women

Most often, we forgot to shape our eyebrows. Please don’t ever skip this step, always brush up your brows and define then either with brush or simply apply the eye brow pencil with light hand. Try some darker shades of brown, instead of the regular black one.

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Curl Your Lashes

Eye Makeup Lashess for Indian Women

You all must be knowing how to put on mascara and add some volume to your lashes, but the instead of putting on thick coats of mascara or artificial lashes, just curl your lash with these curlers; these are easily available in the market. See when you keep on apply several coats of mascara on your eyes, the lashes become stiff and heavy, you might feel uncomfortable and sometimes they may leak out too. So the better option is to curl your lashes and then apply only 2 strokes of mascara.

So guys these were few tips which I thought to share with you all, I always feel that makeup is an art and, if you keep on practicing and considering some expert tips, you can learn it well.

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  1. Cute pictures Kiran…loved the tips, these qre very important for eye makeup lovers..

  2. I always focus on choosing the right products.. when products are right there is less chance to deviate from getting beautiful eyes like yours 🙂 This post is quite helpful!

  3. Lovely article . Super cool model ??

  4. Lovely article! Super cool model ??

  5. Nice Article on Eyes makeup tips on woman……………thank you for suggestion

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