Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good

Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good – Hi BHB lovelies, Today my post is about Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good. We all tend to love staying fit. Present era is the age of fitness. We all make lots of efforts like visiting gyms, following strict diet and fitness routine not only to stay slim and fit but also to stay healthy in the long run. That is the major reason why the concept of staying fit and healthy is increasing day by day. You can see number of new gyms coming up in your neighbourhood is increasing. And even ayurveda and yoga have become a trend these days. More and more people are resorting to healthier lifestyle these days. And so you know something when it becomes really overdosed of fitness things start taking a bad turn. The same happened with people’s increasing rage of fitness. Today girls, in order to stay lean and thin, resort to any type of exercises without even doing proper research about them. In order to begin any exercise routine, you must do a thorough background research about that exercise. And that is the major reason why we girls end up doing some exercises which cause us more harm than good. For this reason I will share an article Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good.

Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good

Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good

Squats –


I know you will be amazed to hear this. But yes squats. They are known to be one of the best exercises for your lower legs and butt. But do you know that if you lower your back a bit more than actually required, it can really stress a lot on your lower backs legs both.

Upright row –

Upright row

One of the best chest or leg level exercises to tone your chest and belly. But you know what the golden rule of upright row is that you shouldn’t raise it above your nipple area. If you raise it even a bit higher you can suffer from serious chest and back injuries and even long term health complications too.

Behind neck shoulder press –

Behind neck shoulder press

Any exercise which involves raising something is dangerous. You need a greater degree of strength and resistance in these forms of exercises. And it is sometimes difficult to maintain. So, in that case it can cause different types of harmful effects on your body like on the legs, arms, shoulders and likewise.

Crunches –


I know crunches are one of the most popular exercises. But do you know they are the least effective too? Your hands behind your chests invites too much of resistance and pressure as a result of which it causes very serious chest pains and all.

Thigh abduction –

Thigh abduction

In this exercise you need to spread your legs and thighs wide apart. Now, the problem with this is that in this exercises butts are meant to be not the stability pact but the prime movers. So, this exercise in itself is a bit alarming for your health.

Jump squat –

Jump squat

Too much of energy is involved in Jump squat exercise. And don’t you think how many joints are involved in this? There is a maximum chance that any joints get hurt and all. Also, too much of energy and regular jumping can also make or break your neck ligaments and all.

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Lunges –


Another very popular leg exercise but highly injurious. In Lunges exercise you are lowering down your knees and your hands to your toes. So, if you lower down a bit more then again serious injury time.

Sit ups –

Sit ups

One of the very common reasons of back pains and all. In sit ups the movement is not only important, what is important is the speed with which you do it. it can cause serious back issues and all.

So, this were some of the Exercises For Girls Which Causes More Harm Than Good. But we have always ignored the amount of harm they can do to our body so, it’s better that you don’t ignore it rather than work around it.

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