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Evion Cream Merck Review – Hello girls, today I am going to review a new product which is Evion Cream Merck. Evion Cream Merck is manufactured by Merck Limited . I was in search of a good cream with aloe vera and one of my friends had suggested me to use this Evion Cream Merck. This cream is enriched with Aloe vera as well as Vitamin E. Aloe vera is like a blessing for skin, especially dry skin. Aloe vera helps in treating various skin issues. It improves complexion, reduces stretch marks and also improve the firmness of the skin. Vitamin E is an excellent skin moisturiser. It has anti-ageing benefits and also it is very effective in treating spots and marks. So lets check Evion Cream Merck Review.
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Evion Cream Merck Review

This Evion Cream Merck is a moisturizing cosmetic skin cream. The cream bears a pleasant perfume. The product can be used for all types of skin. I have been using Evion Cream Merck for quite a long time now and I am very happy with how it fared me. I am glad that I had bought this cream. It helped me a lot to deal with several skin issues. Read on to know more about Evion Cream Merck.

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Price of Evion Cream : Rs.108/- for 60 g

Direction for use : The product is specially recommended for use after washing the face properly by face wash or by any mild soap. After cleaning the face clearly and removing the dirt the cream should be used for better result.

Take the cream in your hand and massage all over the face evenly with upper strokes .

Ingredients :
Skin cream from Evion ingredients, Aloe vera cream, Best Cream for blemish free skin, Evion cream, Aloe vera & vitamin E cream

Shelf Life : 24 months

Color : The cream is milky white

Smell : The smell is mild and after massaging on the skin very little smell lasts.

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What Evion Cream claims

The product claims to give a healthy as well as blemish free skin.

Skin Cream from Evion swatch, Aloe vera cream, Best Cream for blemish free skin, Evion cream, Aloe vera & vitamin E cream

Packaging and Consistency of Evion Cream

Evion Cream comes in a white tube, with screw open cap. The consistency of the cream is thick and it is milky white in color. The pleasant perfume of the cream gives a fresh feeling after the use of the product.

My Experience with Skin Cream from Evion

I have a small kid so I hardly get time to take care of my skin as well as pamper myself with different products to get a flawless skin. So Evion Cream Merck is a one stop solution for me. Everyday after bathing I use the cream without failure. Regular use of this product has given me a blemish free skin. I am totally out of any skin problems.

I am a housewife, I have to cook regularly. Oil as well as dirt had made my skin dull. But after using this product I have found my glow back. The cream has also removed the dark patches of my face.

Summer is really a tough season for the skin. All skin problems appear due to the sweat. However I don’t have any risk of getting pimples, zits or rashes because this product protects from heat and also soothes the skin from within.

During my pregnancy I had got stretch marks in the lower abdominal portion. I was stressed with the reddish stretch marks all over my belly. Evion Cream Merck has also helped me in getting rid of those odd stretch marks .

Regularly I had applied the cream thrice on my stretch marks and after 6 months the marks had lightened. I am really happy with the cream.

This cream is also highly effective for those who have dry skin. I have a normal skin and using this cream regularly has given me a smooth radiant skin.

Overall, Evion Cream Merck is really the best cream for all seasons. It nourishes from within to make the skin look as well as feel healthy. I would like to recommend it to all. I promise you will find all your skin problems vanishing after the first month, if used properly .

Good about Evion Cream Merck

  • The product is non oily
  • Fast absorbing
  • Nourishes the skin
  • The smell is pleasant
  • Removes all skin problems
  • A proper moisturizer for the skin
  • A whole body product
  • Decent for summer
  • The packaging is travel friendly

Cons of Evion Cream

  • The product would remain ineffective if used over dirty face
  • Little sticky
  • No SPF
  • Not easy to find in any cosmetic store

Availability : The product is only available in the medical store.

Fashion & Beauty Rating : 3.5/5 ♥♥♥•

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