Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm Review

Hello all 🙂 I am back with Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm Review this time. For ardent fruitarians like me, lip balms which come in fruit flavors are enough to grab eyeballs. On my monthly voyage to local markets, I picked up this ‘Eva lip drench in orange flavour’ and I call my ‘trips’ to markets ‘voyages’ because only a Delhi-ite knows the art of wading through a crowd of elbowing people who would not flinch even once in roughing you up if they happen to see your feet move in the same direction in which they have eyed a product!?If you have any incident of grabbing any cosmetic/attire/anything after wading through an endless army of shoppers in a crowded marketplace, share the incident with us by posting it in the comments box 🙂

Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm Review

Anyway, let’s jump straight to the Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm Review and see how the product fared for me. I would like clarify this beforehand that the following write-up is my personal experience with the product. There is always a chance that it may work well for you so, if you are genuinely interested in the product, always go for the smallest variant and judge for yourself 🙂

Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm pack

Price of Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm : Rs.25/- for 9 gm

Direction for use : Squeeze the tube from bottom and glide the applicator directly on lips. Applu in sufficient quantity whenever required.

Ingredients : Liquid Praffin, Beeswax, Tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E),Apricot kernel oil.

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : Colorless

Smell : A very orange-like aroma, perhaps a whiff of it which vanishes int thin air in no time.

Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm cap

What Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm claims

With natural beeswax, Vitamin E and Apricot Kernel Oil to nourish, moisturize and keep lip soft and supple all day long

Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm swatch

My experience with Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm

The packaging of Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm?isn’t too fancy or eye-catching but to me that doesn’t feature at all in my list of parameters that I look out for while gauging a product. After all, how does it matter to me if a product has a pink covering or a mauve colored background with my favorite filmstar’s picture on it? How will it increase the effectiveness of that product? I admit packaging protects a product but simply paying money to grab good-looking products is nowehere a practical idea in my opinion.

Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm is quite disappointing in the sense that even though it moisturizes one’s lips well for quite sometime, it performs poorly on most parameters. The lip balm‘s texture is greasy which is irritating beyond measure. It leaves no tint hence, won’t cover pigmentation. It has low to average staying power. In my case, it stayed undisturbed for about 45 minutes. Now, I don’t have dry/parched lips so if stayed for 45 minutes in my case, it might stay for even low in case of those with dry lips. Hence, is not recommended for dry/extremely dry lips.

Coming back to the product, I feel that Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm might still work in winters but it’s a big NO- NO during summers since it might melt/liquefy and if applied, might make your lips drenched in a bowl of oil.

I have called it disappointing and not disastrous because the price one is paying is mere Rs 25/- and one shouldn’t have sky-high expectations with a product coming at such a dirt-cheap price.

Overall, Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm?really doesn’t work exceptionally or even decently. Hence, is a not worth buying.

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Good about Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm

  • Cheap
  • Easily available both online and offline.

Bad about Eva Lip Drench Orange Lip Balm

  • Poor staying power.
  • Doesn’t hide pigmentation.
  • Requires frequent re-application
  • No tint whatsoever.
  • No sheen
  • Not suitable for extremely parched lips

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 1/5

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