Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

Hello Readers, today my post is about Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review. This year was not a blissful one as we had to face a lot of ups and downs besides losing an important person of our family. In all this stress and depression one thing that got the most affected was my hair. Especially after we shifted base from one city to another, I saw chunks of hair flowing down the drain for no reason. The situation became alarming and I changed my food habits as well as the hair products I was using. This shampoo was suggested by my doctor and I cannot thank him enough for such a wonderful product.

Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo is a gentle hair cleanser which is compatible with other hair products. Being enriched with conditioners and moisturizers it provides nourishment to hair to make it shiny and lustrous. Besides cleansing hair it makes hair manageable and protects hair against sun damage via its UV filters. Ethicare products are easily available online from their website with various options to make payments. Continue reading on my Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review below.

pack, Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

Price of Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo : Rs.126/- for 100 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients :

how to use and ingredients, Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : white

Smell : Resembles Lichi Products

cap, Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

What Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo claims

claims, Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

swatch, Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo Review

My experience with Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo

Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo is available in only one size and that too in a tube packaging which is unusual for shampoos. One can easily squeeze out the required amount prior to application without having to worry about any kind of wastage of product. The price is very reasonable for a hair treatment shampoo but the availability is mostly online. The fragrance it bears is appealing to the senses but post hair wash the fragrance vanishes away totally.

One needs to directly apply this shampoo to wet hair and continue as usual. Due to its gentle formulation I skip mixing it with water. Being light and semi runny in consistency it is easy to apply and form lather too. It does not require lots of water to get washed off. As promised it gives hair softness, makes hair manageable and eases hair de-tangling provided one follows up this shampoo with a light conditioner or masque. Scalp feels free from grime and sweat but that too without over drying the scalp.

With continued use along with other hair products it lessened my hair fall and due to its mildness it never dried out my strands. Whenever one wants a gentle shampoo for daily use can pick this up and keep their hair fall under control. There are no complaints with regards to the claims of this hair cleanser but the only downturn is that it might not fair equally well for oily scalp. Either it would make scalp oily the next day or feel as if it does not impart that squeaky clean feeling and weigh down the strands. Also this is not great in removing oil so one might need two three washes to get rid of the oil from the scalp.

Overall Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo is an amazing shampoo for normal to dry scalp which can be used daily due to its mild formula. As promised it strengthens hair to reduce hair fall, makes hair soft and manageable and is compatible with other hair treatment products.

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Good about Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo

  • Lives upto its promises
  • Great for hair fall issues
  • Compatible with other hair treatment product
  • Very mild formulation
  • Very apt for everyday use
  • Does not over dry the scalp
  • Hair feels soft and clean post use
  • Very reasonably priced

Bad about Ethicare Remedies Seren Shampoo

  • Available only online and selected chemists may be
  • Too mild to wash off heavy oils
  • Not for oily scalp unless one uses it everyday

Availability : Ethicare Remedies website

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥

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  1. would love to try this out … I love tube packaging

  2. Hey, new brand! Me too, will luv to try this!! ?

  3. Does this shampoo reduce hairfall and can you tell me please which shampoo is better for hairfall problem between Fclin and Seren??

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