Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco Review

A big Hello to all the members and readers of Beautifulhamesha. Today, my post is Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco Review. It is a beautiful and vibrant nail shade that I recently picked online. I fell for it the moment I laid my eyes on it. This particular shade had been on my shopping list for quite sometime but I did not pick since I wanted something from a reliable brand. Orange is such a lively color, it brightens up everything instantly. This particular nail colour from Essie  is called Tart Deco. It has been so aptly named…Tart!! Tangy and spunky!!

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco Review

Earlier I had a similar shade from Colorama range of Maybelline. I loved it. After that I could not find a similar shade from a good brand. Tried some local ones but they would chip off in less than two days. I am so glad I found this online and after confirming the reliability of the brand from a cousin who stays abroad, I ordered it. So, without further talks let us move straight to the review and see how it fared for me… read on ladies.

Price of Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco : Prices vary a lot online.. It costs approx £ 10.99

Ingredients : None mentioned on the packaging

Direction to use : Just apply on clean nails , 2 coats need

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

Shelf life : Not mentioned.. out of my personal experience. Nail paints do not last more than 6 months

Color : I can go on and on … In short, It is a Bright, vibrant and funky Orange!!! 🙂

Smell : Faint, typical nail paint smell

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco swatch

What Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco claims

Sassy, stylish and darling, just so south beach. chic and modern, this dreamy coral nail lacquer is an artistic burst of color that creates a manicure masterpiece.

My Experience with Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco comes in a classic, sleek glass bottle. The brush is of regular quality but allows easy and comfortable application. Nothing extra ordinary. Being made out glass, you need to be careful while traveling with it. It has a stick on over the top of the cap that mentions the shade of nail paint.

Coming to the color, as you must have made out from the swatches, it is a fun, summer wear shade. It is bright, popping Orange that looks best with any summer dress and flip flops. I like using it on my hands as well as my toe nails. I find this just perfect for doing my floral nail arts. Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco is very well pigmented and gives an opaque coverage. I must say, Orange is the new Red. Every skin tone can flaunt it well. I find it especially good on fair skin tones.

I need two coats of this one to get the entire color on my nails. It is easy to remove with regular nail paints but yes, it yellows my nails a bit due to it’s dark color. So, you should apply a base coat beneath it. The lasting power is commendable it stays on for nearly 5 days or so on me with minimal chipping.

Overall, I am so glad that I picked it and I love flaunting it a lot. Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco has a decent lasting power and compliments my skin tone very well. So, If you can pick it online. This one gets a definite thumbs up from my side

Good about Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

  • Vibrant, Bright color.
  • Good staying power
  • Brush applicator is of good quality
  • Has an opaque finish, good color pay off
  • Does not chip off much

Bad about Essie Nail Lacquer Tart Deco

  • It makes my nails appear yellowish.

Availability : Online mostly , otherwise difficult

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3/5 ♥♥♥

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