Erica Rozen Hand Creme Review

Erica Rozen Hand Creme Review – Hello ladies, here I am with Erica Rozen Hand Crème Review 🙂 Quite often our attention in terms of skin care is limited to face and neck. But spare a minute and think which part of your body might be used and never acknowledged/pampered? They are your hands. Hand lotions/creams should be a daily essential for everyone. Your hands perform an amazing amount of work, and their skin is regularly exposed to drying, chafing elements and harmful UV rays from the sun. Incorporating hand lotion into a daily self-care routine helps keep the skin on your hands and fingers supple and healthy. Today I will talk about Erica Rozen Hand Creme.

Erica Rozen Hand Creme Review

Erica Rozen Hand Creme Review

Using hand lotion helps prevent chapping, cracking and chafing skin. The oil ducts on palms and fingers are tiny compared to elsewhere on the body, so hands get chapped and dry out much more easily than other areas. Keeping skin coated with specific formulas made for hands, which need more oil or moisturizer than the face or body, helps balance dryness. To pamper my hands, I bought Erica Rozen Hand Creme last year when I was in the City of Beautiful Canals- Amsterdam, Netherlands. Having used it for a few months, today I will review this. So, scroll down and check out my Erica Rozen Hand Creme Review to know how it fared for me.

Erica Rozen Hand Creme

Price of Erica Rozen Hand Creme :

3 Euros for 20 ml (There is no concept of MRP in Netherlands which is why, this cream may be available for different prices in the same city)

Directions for use : Clean your hands thoroughly. Squeeze the tube and massage a generous amount of this cream on to your hands and palms.

Erica Rozen Hand Creme Ingredients :
Erica Rozen Hand Creme ingredients

Shelf life : Not mentioned

Color : White

Smell : Fragrant and soothing

Erica Rozen Hand Creme opening

What Erica Rozen Hand Creme claims

It is embossed on the package in Dutch (the language spoken in Netherlands). Quite  naturally, it is inscrutable to me so, I can’t decipher it for you, ladies.

Erica Rozen Hand Creme swatch

My experience with Erica Rozen Hand Creme

Packed in a simple plastic tube with a cap at its end, Erica Rozen Hand Creme’ s packaging is simple, no-nonsense, leakage-free (as the cap is highly sturdy) and sturdy. It is easy to carry while commuting which makes it travel-friendly.

Erica Rozen Hand Creme has a lightweight and non-greasy texture. When slathered on my hands, it gets absorbed easily without leaving any residue behind. It takes merely 1-2 minutes of light massage and that is sufficient to make it blend in with one’s skin. On the downside, its staying power is pathetic. It vanishes into thin air within a few minutes. Not only that, it neither imparts any glow nor softens my skin which is a major let-down. This hand cream does not treat chapped skin because of its poor hydrating power.

To top it all, it comes pumped with chemicals such as- alcohol, linalool, limonene and perfume (this is a very broad term under which companies can add a number of noxious chemicals). All in all, Erica Rozen Hand Creme is a major let-down on all aspects.

On the whole, given Erica Rozen Hand Creme’s difficulty in availability, harsh chemical composition (addition of alcohol, perfume- under the garb of which a number of noxious chemicals are added, limonene and linalool), poor staying power, I won’t recommend or re-purchase it again.

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Good about Erica Rozen Hand Creme

  • Soothing aroma
  • Travel-friendly packaging

Bad about Erica Rozen Hand Creme

  • Contains linalool, limonene, perfume and alcohol
  • Poor staying power
  • Does nothing commendable to one’s skin such as- imparting radiance or softness
  • Very limited availability. Not available in India

Availability : It is unavailable in India as of now but given its composition, I would anyway not purchase it again, hence, does not matter to me. I do not recommend it either.

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 0/5

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