Eraser Priva-HY Feminine Hygiene Wash Review

Hey girls how are you all? I am beck with another review that is Eraser Priva-HY Feminine Hygiene Wash Review. Well all of you are aware of the products that we use in our daily routine for taking care of our face and body. Today I am going to review one such product which has now become a necessity in a girl’s daily routine. An intimate wash it is Eraser’s Priva- Hy feminine hygiene wash. We should take care of our intimate areas as we care our face and body. Only soap and water are not enough for this purpose as they can disturb the ph balance of the area which can lead to itchiness and also they can’t beat odor and infections.

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I have used many intimate washes like clean and dry and Avon. While they also did their job perfectly I was looking for a change and so I bought Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash. I like it very much as it smells amazing and deodorize the area well unlike the ones which I have used earlier. They were mildly scented. Though these products are not meant to be scented but this one doesn’t irritate the skin despite being fragranced. Read on to know more about this intimate was

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Price : Rs. 91/- for 100 ml.

Key ingredients : Quercus infectoria {majuphal}, piper betel {paan}, aloe vera, tea tree oil, thymus oil, copaiba extracts, vitamin E.

Directions for using : Pour Eraser’s ‘Priva-HY’ Feminine Hygiene Wash onto palm. Apply & wash intimate parts for at least 20 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with clean towel. Eraser’s ‘Priva-HY’ Feminine Hygiene Wash can be effectively used 2-3 times a day to control unpleasant smell & itchiness.

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Shelf life : 36 months.

Color : it is a thick transparent gel.

Smell : it smells very good, can’t distinguish the smell though but it is nice.

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What Eraser Priva- Hy feminine hygiene wash claims

Eraser’s ‘Priva-HY’ Feminine Hygiene Wash is a gentle and safe cleanser for intimate parts. Eraser’s ‘Priva-HY’ Feminine Hygiene Wash is specially formulated for women’s hygiene, enriched with Vitamin E and goodness of Herbal ingredients like Majuphal, Pan, Aloevera, Tea Tree & Thymus which effectively cleans & deodorizes the female intimate parts without causing any dryness or irritation. Its natural flora reduces chances of infection & threat from micro organisms.

Eraser Priva-HY Feminine Wash swatch

My experience with Eraser Priva- Hy feminine hygiene wash

I have been using Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash from about a month now. Feminine wash comes in a translucent pink tube. I like the tube and flip top packaging as they are easy to use and also they don’t led to product wastage unlike screw top ones. The tube is sturdy and the travel friendly and since it is translucent I can determine the quantity left. The gel is clear and smells good. The smell of Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash is stronger than the ones I have used earlier. I like the fragrance though as it deodorize the area well and control odour. Even in those days of the month it controls the odour well. The fragrance is not bothersome and it won’t irritate the skin too. Since the gel is thick it does not spill. I have used Avon and clean and dry wash which were runny in texture and hence spills a lot. It lathers well and rinse off easily too. There is no soapy residue after rinsing the gel.

Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash leaves the area squeaky clean and after using this regularly I have noticed visible reduction in odour. I like the fact that it is made up of natural ingredients and maintains the ph balance of the area well. Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash does not give me any itchiness or dry feeling. Intimate washes are specifically meant to keep the area infection free and I believe this wash does that effectively as I did not experience any problem since I have been using Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash. Even the ones which I was using earlier they don’t give me any problems too. I guess this is because they are made accordingly to cater to a certain area. Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash is very gentle and it can be used every day.

Overall I can say that Eraser Priva-HY feminine hygiene wash is a good and affordable intimate wash which does its job well so I recommend this to everyone.

Good about Eraser Priva- Hy feminine hygiene wash

  • It is very affordable.
  • Easily available online too so no hesitations in buying them.
  • It has a very nice fragrance.
  • It is very mild.
  • It is made of herbal ingredients.
  • Packaging is very good and sturdy.
  • Does its job of cleansing and deodorizing effectively.

Bad about Eraser Priva- Hy feminine hygiene wash

  • Absolutely none for me.

Availability: easily available at pharmacist shop and online too.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings: 5/5  ♥♥♥♥♥

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