Elovera Lotion Review

Elovera Lotion Review – Hello Readers! Today my post is about Elovera Lotion Review. In the last few months due to frequent changes in weather conditions my skin has remained more confused than a mind boggling puzzle. Although it was bright and sunny yet skin felt dry and dehydrated no matter what I consumed or applied. Thus when nothing worked I had to consult a derma who recommended me Elovera range of products. Surprisingly there was no customer feedback available so was not sure how my skin would react to it. Here is a detailed post on how Elovera Lotion fared for me.

Elovera Lotion Review

Elovera Lotion Review

Elovera Lotion is formulated with soothing aloe vera and nourishing vitamin E as the key ingredients. Together these ingredients help skin get relief from dryness and protect skin from infections. This can be applied by everyone as it is safe for children too. This Elovera lotion is recommended by dermatologists all around the globe and is easily available at any pharmacy store. Elovera Lotion comes in two sizes- 75ml and 150 ml. Let’s check out my Elovera Lotion Review below.

Elovera Lotion

Price of Elovera Lotion

Price of Elovera Lotion:

Rs.160/- for 75 ml

Directions for Use and Elovera Lotion Ingredients :

Ingredients and Directions for Use of Elovera Lotion

Elovera Lotion bottle

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : White

Smell : Very mild but like medicine

Elovera Lotion

What Elovera Lotion claims

  • Protects
  • Nourishes
  • Repairs

Elovera Lotion claims

Elovera Lotion Swatch, Elovera Lotion Review

My experience with Elovera Lotion

Elovera Lotion comes in a no – nonsense packaging, just a lightweight bottle with a flip open cap to help avail the lotion. Many might think that the bottle is half filled but remember this standard sized bottle carries only 75 ml of lotion. This kind of bottle is travel friendly plus spill proof. Also the price quoted is not high as one needs just a pea sized amount per use.

Elovera Lotion has a slightly thick but runny consistency due to which the lotion does not flow out uncontrollably. The application part is pretty easy, feels like applying any water based lotion which leaves a healthy glow on the skin. Also Elovera Lotion does not take long to get absorbed and in a few minutes skin feels nourished and soft. It does protect and hydrate the skin as promised and its effects stay till evening without reapplication. I had purchased this for myself but everyone started using this and everyone thinks this can be a staple lotion.

Coming to skin type it is meant for, this Elovera Lotion is meant for normal to dry skin or combination to dry or even very dry skin. Oily skin beauties do not need such heavy dosage of hydration. Also it’s a unisex product as my dad uses this too. He falls in the very dry skin types which is so damaged that with slight changes in weather conditions, he has to face cracks on the facial skin. He has been using this lotion along with the Elovera cream which I will review next. His skin has never been this sorted and fresh. When both are teamed up they actually repair damaged and irritated skin as claimed.

Overall, Elovera Lotion is a superb lotion which is easy to spread on skin, gets absorbed instantly and as per its promises it nourishes, hydrates and repairs dry and damaged skin.

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Good about Elovera Lotion

  • Great for dry and extremely dry skin
  • Works in worse weather conditions
  • Delivers as claimed
  • Light lotion but hydrates thoroughly
  • Repairs and protects as promised
  • Along with Elovera cream it works wonders
  • Does not break out the skin
  • Adds glow and freshness to dry skin
  • Does not smell weird
  • Easily available at any pharmacy
  • Affordable

Bad about Elovera Lotion

  • Very dry skin might need Elovera Cream for skin repair and lotion for skin maintenance
  • Has parabens but I am okay with it till it delivers final results

Availability : easy

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. Never heard of this brand before….But looks really good 🙂 Lovely review

  2. Rashmita Rakshit

    Wow! Great find!! I guess it would work as my savior in winter 🙂

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