Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out Review

Eyeliner has somehow become my basic makeup need. Today I am with Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out Review. I hardly leave my house without any eyeliner. I tend to use eyeliner more than kajal these days! Yes I know its shocking but I think the change is good. So with this new madness I have started exploring eyeliners. Now elle 18 is more of a budget brand and I know many college going gals would like to start with something that does not burn a hole in there pocket.
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Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out Review

So for all you gals out there here is the review of the cheapest and yet branded eyeliner available in India. Now I want to remove the notion that cheap things are always bad. They have proved good for me sometimes and it’s totally upto what suits and likes you. So don’t look at the price tag and have a look at the review and decide for yourself.

Price of Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out :Rs. 65/- for 5 ml

Key Ingredients not mentioned

Directions for use : Apply directly on upper eye lid

Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

Shelf Life 3 years

Color : Jet black

Smell : No smell

Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

What Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out claims

not mentioned

Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out swatch

My experience with Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out comes in a tiny cute glass bottle. It’s the same like the nail paints elle 18 has. They haven’t changed anything in the packaging part I guess. The name of the liner is engraved on the glass and the cap as well. They have colored versions as well but I did not get a chance to try them. The bottle is made of glass and easy to carry due to its small size.

The liner has a thick consistency. Its little powdery rather than liquid like. You can say it’s a bit thick compared to the Lakme eyeliners. The brush is tiny with thin bristles. Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out helps you draw thin lines. The quality is ok. We should not expect much at this price atleast. Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out will not give you a even line unless you are a pro at applying liquid eyeliners. The brush quality should be improved a bit is what I would suggest.

The color is jet black and that is the scoring point of this eyeliner. The color is better than few high end brands I have used. Two swipes are enough for me to get the jet black color I always want. Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out is water resistant. Since I have oily eyelids I hate eyeliners that stick to my eyelids. This works very well for me. Once it dries up I hardly have to worry about it. Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out is not waterproof though and it will get washed off if you wash your face.

Overall I think at this price Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out is one of the good eyeliners for any beginner. You can play around with it and it might serve as a good backup as well. So you can give it a try if you are crazy about eyeliners.

Good about Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

  • Affordable
  • Super jet black
  • Not runny
  • Dries in reasonable time
  • Travel friendly.
  • Good for beginners
  • Water resistant

Bad Elle 18 Eye Liner Black Out

  • Brush quality is not good.
  • Powdery texture

Availability :  Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3 /5   ♥♥♥ 

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  1. Kiran Raj Singh

    good review Av 🙂

  2. Thanks Kiran.. 🙂

  3. Cheap and best product..

  4. This sounds to be an average product…nice review dear 🙂

  5. Looks like a good bargain 🙂 Nicely reviewed..

  6. this is the cheapest good quality liner available 🙂

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