Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid

Hey you all! Lately I have been in love with the hairstyle videos. And in fact I keep trying them daily and love to sport it when I go out. I love it when people compliment my hairdo. Although I knew how to do fishtail braid, but I never really did it so many times. I could only do it in a very rough manner; given the fact I never practiced it! But lately, I have been going about with this fishtail braid a lot, and have my hands set on this hairstyle now, I feel good about it! So today let me share with you Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid.

Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid

Ladies, it is a very happening hairstyle if you want to appear trendy and messy, which really is a great combo. Braids go along with almost anything and everything. Let it be for a traditional outfit, for a chic appearance, or with girly outfits.

First way to pull of Fishtail Braid

Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid, simple fishtail braid

  • Divide your hair in 2 sections. (A fishtail braid needs only two sections unlike other braids.)
  • Start by taking a small section of one section from the outer side.
  • Now take it and cross over to the second sectioned part of your hair. (overlapping)
  • Make sure, you don’t lose your grip.
  • Repeat the same, taking small section from the second division and overlapping it on te first section of hair.
  • Keep repeating this whole process until you want to call it off at a particular length.
  • Tie it with a thin black band or any color you would like.

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Second way to pull of Fishtail Braid

Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid, how to do fishtail braid

  • For those of you who have bangs, can try a side swept fishtail braid.
  • Take your hair on one side, now section it off in two.
  • Repeat the same steps as for a regular fishtail braid.
  • To get a messy look, you can let it hang loose instead of tightening it.
  • Keep going down, when you are at the end; tie it up with a clear/transparent elastic.

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Third way to pull of Fishtail Braid

Easy Ways to Pull Off Fishtail Braid, easy fishtail braid

  • To maintain the grip, you can start by tying your hair in a loose ponytail.
  • Dig in a loose hole and put whole of your hair from the bottom inside the hole.
  • Now, part your hair in two and start picking out a small section from a side and overlapping onto to the other side.
  • Repeat the steps on both sides of sectioned hair (just like a regular fishtail braid).
  • This will eventually create a fun and chic fishtail braid!

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So girls, try these really easy ways of pulling off the fishtail braid, and make a style statement of your own wherever you go and with whatever you wear! 🙂

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