Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup

Wedding is the most special event of us girls’ life. We don’t want to do anything wrong on that day and that’s why our family starts preparing for the day months before. There’s so much to do! Picking a venue, inviting guests, hiring caterer, shopping and the list goes on! A very important aspect of wedding is bridal makeup. Getting married is supposed to be a very happy and unforgettable moment of our life. This is a special day for the bride and she obviously wants to look flawless. It isn’t a crime if the girl wants everyone at her wedding to stare at her in awe! Here lies the importance of bridal makeup. Traditionally bridal makeup is bold, heavy. However, not everyone feels comfortable in bold makeup. And this post is for all of those who prefer simplicity! This post includes few very Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup. which will make you look elegant and gorgeous 🙂

Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup


Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup - using a cleanser

This is the most important step before you start doing your makeup. Apply a cleanser all over your face. You should pick a cleanser depending on your skin type. Now soak a cotton ball in lukewarm water and wipe your face with that. Warm water will open up the pores and the cleanser will make them clear and unclogged. Now splash some cold water on your face to close the pores.

Start with Base Makeup

Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup - base makeup

Applying a base makeup is the first step of simple bridal makeup. Apply a moisturizer first to keep your skin moisturized. You can opt for a tinted moisturizer also, which will cover up uneven skin tone. Wait for a couple of minutes and apply primer. This will keep the makeup in place for long time. Now apply concealer to hide the spots and blemishes. Finish off your base makeup by applying a foundation with matte finish.


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Traditional Bridal Makeup

Use Highlighter and Blusher

Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup - highlighter and blusher

Highlighter is a great way to look gorgeous without going overboard. So don’t skip this. This will make you look great with minimal effort. Use a highlighter on the forehead, cheek bone, on the bridge of the nose and on the cupid bow.

Next pick up a blusher that suits your skin tone as well as goes well with the color of your outfit. Apply blush on the cheeks and with upward strokes of your brush, spread it towards your ears. To further enhance the look, use a bronzer.

Eye Makeup

Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup -eye makeup

A bridal makeup can not be completed without a beautiful eye makeup. Eye makeup should be done according to your eye shape and color. Use waterproof makeup products for summer. Your eye shadow color should match your complexion. And don’t forget to apply at least a couple of coats of mascara for a glamorous eye makeup.

Lip Makeup

Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup - lip makeup

Finally its time to do your lip makeup. Choose your lip color as per your complexion and your outfit color. Red, maroon, berry pink are traditional bridal lip colors. Line your lips properly and fill it up with your lip color. Use a tissue to remove the excess. And don’t forget to apply lip gloss.

So here are some Easy Steps for Beautiful Bridal Makeup. It is best if you start practicing your preferred bridal look at least a week ago, so that on your wedding day you don’t have a cluttered mind about your makeup. Also your hands will be set and you will be able to achieve your dream look in very less time 🙂

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