Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles

Hello Beauties ! Every girl loves to get the perfect puff hairstyle. After all it makes your hair look thicker and super stylish too. Puff can be carried off everywhere from office to party to casual outings and same is with a bun. Bun hairstyles are so much in! Plus there is a huge variety to select from a top knot to a donut bun and what not. Here are a few Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles to enhance your look further.

Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles

Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles — Puff and Messy Bun

Messy buns look very classy, be it with traditional attires or casuals. The position and size of the messy bun can change your look instantly.

  • For the first look wash and condition your hair as usual and blow dry it with a medium sized round brush. Tie up the length of the hair at the back. For a nominal puff, blow dried hair would be enough, just lock it with some clips.
  • For a high puff, take a part of hair from the crown area and using a teaser comb start combing your hair towards the roots. Now create a puff out of these teased hair and clip them. Do the same with the hair on the two sides of the crown area and use pins to fix them too.
  • Next make a not so neat bun with the length of the hair and spray some hair spray to seal the look.

Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles, Puff and Messy Bun

  • For the second look leaving a part of your side bangs, start teasing the hair of the crown area as well as the sides to get a volumnized look overall. Curl the bangs using a curling tongs and finish off with a messy bun along the length of the hair.

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Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles — Puff and French Bun

Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles, Puff and French Bun

French Bun is fondly loved by women across the globe as it imparts a neat and tidy look plus no flyaway hair dancing on your shoulder and back. In fact French bun is highly preferred by women in workplace as there is no need of redoing the hair several times a day.

  • Apply a detangling lotion on the length of the hair and detangle it. Divide hair into two from the crown. Tie the length of the hair at the back of your crown. Apply a voluminzing mousse on the roots of the hair of the front part and wait for a second. Now create a puff with this hair and fix it with bobby pins.
  • Lightly detangle the length of the hair outside the puff and taking them together roll nicely to create a French braid.
  • You may also leave your bangs open and create puff in the mid portion of the head.

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Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles — Puff and Donut Bun

Easy Puff and Bun Hairstyles, Puff and Donut Bun

Donut bun looks very fashionable with western attires and are a must try for every girl. You can either buy a donut bun maker or make one yourself.

  • Take a black or dark brown sock as per your hair color. Cut the side of the toe with a scissors such that the sock has opening both ways. Now roll in such a way that it resembles our favorite south Indian Vada. Keep it aside.
  • Create a puff using a mousse or back combing as per your desire and fix it using bobby pins. Now use all your hairs and tie them up in a high ponytail.
  • Pass the donut through the pony tail and cover it up with the length of your hair. This will give you the perfect high donut bun with a puff.

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That’s all girls! Hope you liked these hairstyles 🙂 Let me know your favorite puff hair style in the comments section. Thank you 🙂

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