Easy Pimple Treatments for Oily Skin

Pimples bother us a lot. Not only teenagers, adults also suffer from pimples. Pimples can occur for various reasons – environmental factors, dust, oil, pollution, internal health issues, lack of skincare, unhealthy eating habits etc. Whatever the reason be, pimples are very annoying. It makes us feel ‘ugly’ and even spoils our mood at times. The occurrence of pimples depends on our skin type to a certain extent. Basically, we have four types of skin – oily, dry, combination and normal. Among these, oily skin is more prone to pimple. Let’s check out my posts on easy pimple treatments for oily skin.

easy pimple treatments for oily skin

Pimple is the most common skin problem faced by oily skinned people. Pimples and then pimple marks – it actually becomes nightmare for people with oily skin. The sebaceous glands are extra active on oily skin. Sebaceous glands are responsible for the oil secretion of our skin. And on oily skin, sebaceous glands are secreting oil more than other skin type. The oil secreted by sebaceous glands attracts the dirt and dust from moisture and as a result the pores get clogged. The clogging of pores is the main reason why oily skin is more prone to pimples. In this post, we have discussed few easy pimple treatments for oily skin.

Mustard face pack for easy pimple treatment for oily skin 

This is a very simple face pack that can be used on oily skin to treat pimples. Take a pinch of mustard powder and mix with 1 tsp of honey. Make a paste and apply only on the pimples. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

Mustard is high in natural salicylic acid which works great to treat acne & Honey has got awesome anti-bacterial properties.

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Orange peel face mask for easy pimple treatment for oily skin 

Mix 3-4 tbsp of orange peel powder with water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the pimples and let it sit for 20-25 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Orange peel contains vitamin C, which help to dry out pimples and also facilitate cell regeneration.

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Mint face mask for easy pimple treatment for oily skin 

Get a handful of fresh mint leaves and crush them in a small bowl. To this, add some honey. Now put this mixture in the blender and blend until it forms a smooth paste. Apply the paste evenly on the face. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off.

Honey and mint, both have amazing anti bacterial & anti inflammatory properties that helps to give pimple free skin.

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Multani mitti face pack for easy pimple treatment for oily skin 

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth is an amazing ingredient for oily skin. It absorbs excess oil from the skin and helps fight breakouts. Make a face pack with 4 tsp fuller’s earth, 1 tsp of lemon juice and rose water. Apply this pack evenly on your face and let it dry. Then wash off with lukewarm water. Fuller’s earth helps keep skin oil free. Lemon juice has citric acid, which neutralize the oil secretion of the oily skin and helps to get rid of on pimples as well as their scars and rose water makes skin glowing.

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Turmeric face pack for easy pimple treatment for oily skin 

Take 3-4 tsp of gram flour in a bowl. To it, add 2 tsp of yogurt. Blend and then add a ½ tsp of turmeric powder and few drops of lemon juice to it. Mix all the ingredients together to form a thick paste. Spread this paste evenly on the face. As soon as it dries, wash off with lukewarm water.

Gram flour prevents the greasiness of the oily skin and helps to get rid of pimples. Turmeric has anti bacterial properties that keep acne and pimples at bay. The citric acid present in lemon juice controls the oil secretion of the oily skin, thus helping to reduce breakouts. Curd keeps skin soft and nourished.

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Basic skincare tips for oily skin 

  • Clean your face not more than twice a day. More than that will dry out the skin and make the sebaceous gland to produce more oil.
  • Use lukewarm water to cleanse your face.
  • Choose gel based cleansers that contain citric acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid.
  • Don’t exfoliate more than twice a week.
  • Avoid touching your face too much with your hands.
  • Drink lots and lots of water and increase your vitamin A intake.

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Pimples are too much annoying and we just want to get rid of them at any cost. We often apply creams and lotions or other cosmetic products on pimples without knowing how much they will work or are they going to harm our skin in the long run! Nature has some amazing remedies that not only can reduce pimples, but make skin healthy. The above mentioned face packs are made of such ingredients and they are readily available in any kitchen. So if your oily skin and pimples are bothering you a lot, do try these remedies and get pimple free, glowing skin.

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