Earrings Storage Ideas

Hey dear ladies, how are you? I am here with an interesting post for you and I am glad that I was allotted this topic as these days, I am on quite an organization mission,myself. Who does not love earrings!! Be it danglers or loops or studs..I am sure just like every girl, you love collecting earrings and have loads and loads of them to match with every outfit. Earrings are the simplest form of accessory that instantly bring in a charm factor on your face. Also, you need to have heavy danglers for ethnic wear, loops and baalis for semi ethnic and funky, coloured studs for casuals and western wear.

Earrings Storage Ideas

It might be a lot of fun go buy these chunky earrings but it is equally, well, painful, for the lack of a better word, to store them. I keep misplacing studs every other day and my danglers used to get getting tangled with my other jewellery pieces. So, it literally got mandatory to organize my earrings so that they can be stored more properly and do not get misplaced. So, given below are a few Earrings Storage Ideas.

Earrings Storage Ideas #1

  • Get a classy piece of net or sponge sheet. The shape and color is entirely your choice. You can pick something that goes well with the color of your vanity/dressing table. The size of net/ sponge sheet can be based on whatever number of stud style earrings you have. Get your sponge sheet or net framed and viola!! You have a ‘Do It Yourself’ style jewellery organizer for your stud earrings. Just poke them into the sheet or net in pairs and they would not get misplaced ever. Make sure the sponge is soft as you do not want to disfigure your studs.

Earrings Storage Ideas, sponge sheet

  • Alternatively, you can set a sponge sheet in a container like old lunch box/ chocolate box and arrange your stud earrings by poking into the sponge. As is quite obvious, the life of such jewellery organizer is limited so, you might need to replace these every couple of months or so.

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Earrings Storage Ideas #2

Earrings Storage Ideas, hollow frame

There are hollow frames available in market and online to set in looking glasses into them. You can get them in wood or acrylic and hang laces across them as shown in picture. These laces can be fixed on to the back of the frame with a strong adhesive. Use these laces as sires to hang in your danglers in pairs. It looks very classy. You can replace the laces in a few months.

Earrings Storage Ideas #3

Earrings Storage Ideas, soft belt

This one is actually the simplest. You just need to buy a soft, fabric belt, even an inexpensive one would do. Poke your earrings through it. Since, you have access to the back side, too. You can even arrange the stoppers along with your stud style earrings. Hang this belt on a nail, next to your vanity and that is pretty much it!!

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Earrings Storage Ideas #4

Earrings Storage Ideas, jewellery organizer

Last but not the least you can go and buy a jewellery organizer online to hang your earrings. These look very stylish and act as a showpiece, too. These are quite easily available online in various appealing shapes like that of a tree, dancing ballerina etc. Check out flipkart, amazon etc for plenty of options to explore and pick the one that suits your requirement and budget the most.

See, how simple it is to organize your stuff 🙂 If you have any more fun, ideas to share..We are all ears!!

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  1. Nice ideas. I like using medicine box to store small earrings.

  2. Great Ideas. Quite informative and innovative details

  3. I am planning to try out the simple sponge technique

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