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Hello beautiful ladies, For me beauty is not just having a happy soul but also how we present ourselves. Presentation can make or break any deal. after all first impression is the last impression. But can just using palettes of color make us look beautiful or do we need more. You guessed that right we need to have a package. its skin care, hair care, internal hygiene good habits and healthy food which can make us look gorgeous. So when it comes to skin care what is the most important part is moisturize and moisturize still more. This little habit would be something that your skin will thank you for, in return in the long run. That is why I keep stocking up creams endlessly and here I am back with another Dove Beauty Cream. Today  my post is about Dove Beauty Cream Review.

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A beauty cream is something that can enhance your beauty in the long run by hydrating, healing and protecting. According to me it should be like a perfect base to start make up, keep skin nourished and help in skin maintenance forever. Dove beauty cream is one such kind. Even though its description is difficult to interpret because of the language used yet I would describe it a perfect beauty cream. It’s infused with the goodness of mineral oil and cocoa butter which are highly recommended by skin experts for their skin hydrating properties plus its completely free from parabens. Keep reading to find whether this can become your skin’s best friend.

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Price: Rs.250/- for 75 ml

Directions for using

  • Nothing is mentioned on the tub.
  • Simply apply like your regular cream after cleansing face.


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Shelf Life: 3 years

Consistency: Creamy and easy to spread on skin

Color: White

Smell: Mild and appealing smell.

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What Dove Beauty Cream claims

Moisture is the key to beautiful skin and new Dove Beauty Cream with its light and nourishing moisture formula keeps your skin feeling soft and smooth during and after application. Use it regularly, day and night to keep your skin feeling beautiful.

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My experience with Dove Beauty Cream

To be honest the packaging of this cream was what compelled me to buy this immediately. It was just put on the rack when I saw it and asked the shop assistant to get to the counter even before started her persuading me to get this. Initially I had picked this up to make it my hand bag essential in winters. Often in winters when I leave home in a hurry I forget to hydrate some essential parts like elbows or toes so a simple cream in my ultimate savior that saves me from embarrassment. Moreover the tub of Dove beauty cream is so sleek that it can be easily slipped into slim clutches.

When I opened the cap I saw that the Dove beauty cream is wonderfully sealed which makes a promise of cleanliness of the product. The consistency of the cream is thick but I do not have to struggle to blend it onto my facial skin. In fact it blends like a true dream and gets absorbed into a skin as soon as applied. Because of its quick absorbing formula, it does not sit on the top of the skin ,rather it seeps in and does not accumulate dust onto skin like oily creams do. It takes care of hydration of the skin and keeps it soft and supple. As a cream it has everything perfect from usage simplicity to moisturization. However I feel that it would not work for extreme dry skinned beauties rather it’s a pure bliss for normal, oily and combination skin types all round the year. Even as an all purpose cream it keeps covers up the dryness of elbows , knees and toes without looking greasy.

I would have been happier if it had other added benefits to it like sun protection or anti ageing or spot removal but it claims to do none of that. It only deals with hydrating skin and acts as an excellent base for make up. No, it does not close pores or act like a primer rather it makes skin base so smooth that foundation and other powder make up sits on it for hours. As it has a mild smell so it does not irritate sensitive noses. The only problem with this cream is related to its availability, I picked this from a store which stocks imported products. This variant is also not available online so if you are tempted to try this then make sure you get a friend who makes frequent visits to the gulf countries.

Overall this is an excellent beauty cream that goes all round the year as a day cream and a good make up base for its quick absorbing formula and appropriate moisturization like qualities. But this is not an all purpose skin solution in extreme winters or for extra dry skin.

Good about Dove Beauty Cream

  • Great as a day cream
  • Provides appropriate moisturization
  • Great make up base
  •  Makes skin soft and supple
  • Gets absorbed instantly
  • Has a mild smell
  • Suites normal to oily skin types
  • Does not cause breakouts

Bad about Dove Beauty Cream

  • Availability in India
  • Not a skin solution during extreme winters

Availability: shops stocking imported products, online etc.

Fashion and Beauty Rating:  4/5  ♥♥♥♥

About Juthika

Juthika is a beauty addict and homemaker. As a freelance blogger she juggles between her work and her grown up daughter. She loves travelling and learning new things every day. Besides her love for eye make up, she is a sucker for good interiors and cooking. Indian sari is her style statement with minimal jewellery and contrasting accessories


  1. Its really tempting looking yaar 🙂 great review dear 🙂

  2. i think i wil get this soon!

  3. Seems a good product 🙂

  4. Seems like a nice cream…Would love to try 🙂

  5. seems lovely.. I want to grab it right waway. 🙂 well reviewed

  6. I’m using this cream now for a week, non-oily, not greasy feeling.
    I’m loving my look already! Must try for every girl 🙂

  7. may i use this cream at night before sleeping.

  8. may i use this cream at night before sleeping. very nice and good result.

  9. I m gonna try it now…

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