Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative

Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative  – Hii girls, How are you all? Today I am back with my new post about Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative. Wedding season is going on and I am sure all of you are busy in attending some or the other wedding. And you know the age when you are 20+ but still not married you try to look for some girly and modern jewellery but with a touch of ethnic. And when you are bride then? Well, gone are those days when Gold used to be the first and only option for brides. So, what are the alternatives? Are you left with no choice? Well, that’s not the solution. There are a number of choices available for girls or I should say brides who don’t want to wear gold jewellery. So, Have a look at this post Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative.

Gold jewellery alternatives for a bride

Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative

Kundan Jewellery :

Kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery is one of those royal pieces which will end up making you feel like you are a royal princess. With exquisite stone settings and heavy work it is nothing sort of gorgeous. And it is mostly on golden base only so you will have that golden look indicted too.

Pearl Jewellery :

Pearl jewellery

For all those elegant brides who are very choosy about jewellery, pearl sets are for you. These days pearl jewellery is available in number of options. Right from the small and elegant pieces to the heavy and long pearl jewellery. Name it and you will get them.

Semi Precious Stone Work Jewellery :

Semi precious stone work jewellery

Semi precious stone jewellery is widely available these days. They also come in different bases like both golden and silver. There is wide number of options available in terms of designs for semi precious stone work jewellery. Any bride can easily make a choice out of it and they come at quite inexpensive rates.

Silver Jewellery with Stone Settings :

Silver jewellery with stone settings

Silver jewellery with stone settings one is meant for classy and chic brides. If you are the one who wants to go for minimal jewellery then this one is for you. They are hugely in demand. And they look really attractive when worn. They come in a copper base with both precious and semi-precious stone studded.

Classy White Gold Jewellery :

Classy white gold jewellery

White gold jewellery is a fab alternative to platinum. It also comes studded with both precious and semi – precious stones. They give a very exquisite and classy feel to the bride. And with an increasing demand of white gold jewellery you can definitely make a choice out of it.

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Costume Jewellery :

costume jewellery

Costume Jewellery is the one which revolves around your costumes only. The base material of this jewellery is mostly gold or copper. This is apt for those who want to go for something dazzling and heavy.

Colourful Precious Stone Work Jewellery :

Colourful precious stone work jewellery

Colourful precious stone work jewellery is for those brides who love colourful jewellery pieces. And this goes fab with solid colour or single coloured bridal attires. And since they are some of the precious stone pieces so they give a rich and royal look too.

Filigree Jewellery :

Filigree jewellery

Filigree jewellery are based on either golden or silver pieces. They are designed in such a manner that they come in light or airy pattern. they are perfect for that royal and vintage look. and if you are going for a formal and elaborate wedding then this should be your jewellery choice.

Jewellery with Natural Elements :

Jewellery with natural elements

Jewellery with natural elements is one of the most inexpensive and casual wedding jewellery. They are mostly made with flowers and plants. They look quite modern and chic. It’s perfect for those beach weddings.

What say BHBians, quite interesting..right? So, Don’t have Money To Buy Gold Jewellery For a Bride Then Check This Alternative. Let me know your favorite jewellery piece in the comments down below.

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  1. piyali toshniwal

    Nice article….. floral jewelry is fad nowadays… bith artificial n real.floral custom made jewellery is a real hit in weddings.. celebs prefer them… receptions its mostly kundan…as thts a safe bet always…

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