Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths

Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths – Hi Beauties, I am back with my post about Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths. Sunscreens are a staple in my skin care and beauty care regimen. I cannot live without sunscreens. I need sunscreens all round the year. Because I get tanned pretty easily. If I don’t apply sunscreens regularly then getting tanned and skin darkening is a regular affair for me. So, I have to resort and seek solace in sunscreens always. Sunscreens today are available in a number of options. Right from the SPF to texture of sunscreens have too many varieties. Today you are blessed with a wide number of options in terms of sunscreens. You can very easily make your choice out of them. That’s not a difficult thing right. Sunscreens come in really affordable price and different size variants so making a choice becomes much easier. So, as you can see I am a great sunscreen loyalist. But one day my world went upside down when I heard that sunscreens are not that good for your skin. They affect your skin and health in the long run. So, I started doing a bit of background research. And that’s how I came to know that many negative things which we hear about sunscreens is just a wrong notion. So, let me present you some of the most common and even rare sunscreen myths. Here we bring Sunscreen Myths through my post Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths.

Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths

Do You Know These Sunscreen Myths

Maximum Sun Damage Occurs before the Age of 18 –

It’s one of the most wrong notions that sun damage occurs only when you are young. No sun damage is a permanent thing and it occurs throughout your life. So, you can start taking care of your skin as soon as possible. This will only improve your skin texture in the long run.

Dark Skin don’t need Sunscreen –

It’s a completely wrong notion that darker skin tones don’t need sunscreens. There is a difference between darker skin tones and tanned skin. And if you are not regular and consistent with sunscreens then you will get uneven skin tone and skin color.

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Sunscreen is only for the Face –

It’s a completely wrong notion that sunscreens are meant only for face. Rather sunscreens should be applied at all the exposed parts of your body not only on your face. Apply it on your hands, legs and even on neck and back. This way not only your face but your skin will also be protected.

Higher SPFs are of no Use –

You know the golden rule of sunscreens is not how much amount of SPF you are using. But actually how you are applying it. Every sunscreen or let’s say most of the sunscreens should be re-applied at every 2-3 hours. If you are using SPF 30 re-apply after 1 hour, SPF 50 re apply after two hours and so on.


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Peak Tanning Hours –

There is nothing called as peak tanning hours. You can get tanned at any time of the day doesn’t matter the time of the day or the level of the sun. Also, if the climate is a bit gloomy or there is no or minimal sun then also apply sunscreens. We always need to apply sunscreens in winters or rainy seasons.

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Allergic to Sunscreens –

Allergic to sunscreens is one of the most common excuses I have heard of ever not applying sunscreens. If you are allergic to a number of things or just say skin products then physical sunscreens should be your top choice. Look for ingredients like titanium oxide and zinc oxide in the ingredients list.

These are some of the Sunscreen Myths that we should all be aware of. Hope you liked my post. Until next time..

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