DIY Make-up Removal for You and Your Clothes

Looking great on a day-to-day basis is hard work! Not only must you put the time and effort into your daily wardrobe and make-up, you also have to be prepared for any spills, smudges or stains. Removing make-up (especially from somewhere it shouldn’t be!) is often challenging, but it doesn’t have to require a lot of special cleaning products. If a spill happens and you don’t have time to go to the nearest shops, or if you need to pack light for a holiday, never fear! As this article will show, make-up removal in any scenario can be effortless – even when using everyday household items. You also do not need to worry about a bill from a professional cleaner – most everyday make-up stains will come off after a cycle in the washing machine.
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DIY Make-up Removal for You and Your Clothes

DIY make-up remover for clothes and furnishings

Even if you spill a bottle of foundation in your living room on your way out to meet friends, you don’t need to worry about running late– stain removal really is that simple.

If liquid make-up gets onto your clothes or upholstery, then dab at the stain with dishwashing detergent or shampoo to loosen it. Your hairspray is great at removing stains from the carpet, too.

After you have removed the bulk of the stain with your DIY remover, wash your clothes as usual to dislodge all of the make-up – just make sure you’re using an appropriate detergent and setting on your washing machine. If there is still a stain present after washing, repeat the stain removal and rinse procedure until the stain is gone. Your washing machine is probably the most time-efficient and effective way to get make-up stains out of your clothes: you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing away at a garment when you can put it in the wash and come back when it’s clean.

DIY nail polish remover for fabric

Nail polish remover is designed to get nail polish off your nails, but it works just as well at getting rid of clothing stains. Carefully dab the nail polish remover onto the stained part of your garment then wipe it off with a clean cloth. After tackling the nail polish, put your stained item of clothing into the washing machine and wash it on the usual cycle.

DIY make-up remover for your skin

The sheer variety of good-quality make-up removers can be quite overwhelming… But there is an easier, cheaper alternative if you can’t make it to the shops or you’re eager to try an inexpensive homemade option. With a few simple ingredients – several of which you probably have at home already – you can make your own make-up removal solution. Not only that, but it will probably work as well as the commercial brands and save you that extra trip to the shops.

You will need:

  • Baby shampoo or witch hazel
  • Coconut or almond oil
  • Boiled/purified water
  • A clean plastic bottle to store the solution in.

After preparing the water, simply add a few drops of the baby shampoo or witch hazel, then a few drops of your preferred oil. Shake the solution vigorously to mix them together, and you have your make-up remover!

With any homemade product, it’s important to remember to test the solution first; use a small amount of your DIY remover on your arms or the back of your hands before applying it onto your face.

With these quick and convenient make-up removal techniques, you (and your clothes!) can continue to look great – even when you’re in a hurry.

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