Different Ways to Use Rose Water for Face – Know the Benefits

Different Ways to Use Rose Water for Face – Know the Benefits – Summer is approaching slowly but surely and with the change in the weather condition, our skin care products also change. There is one skin care item without which our summer skin care routine is not complete. We are talking about rose water. The freshness and cooling sensation that rose water brings to our skin is like a bliss in hot, scorching summer. The most popular way to use rose water for face is as a toner. We love spraying rose water on our face to get some relief from the heat and sweat on the skin. But apart from that, there are other ways to use rose water for face as well and this article will give you few ideas on the best ways to use rose water for face. So, lets get started.
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Benefits of Using Rose Water for Face

Calms Down the Skin

Rose water feels extremely healing and soothing for our skin, thanks to its anti inflammatory properties. Also, the anti oxidant benefits of rose water protect the skin from free radical damages.

Maintains Skin’s pH Balance

This is one of the reasons why rose water is considered so effective to keep your face healthy and soft. It is very important to maintain the ideal pH balance of the skin.

Our skin is slightly acidic in nature, but the harsh soaps and cleansers, which are normally alkaline based, can disrupt the balance of the skin.

This, can further lead to skin issues such as dry skin, excessive oily skin as well as acne. Regular application of rose water helps in restoring the ideal pH balance of the skin which is close to 5.

Controls Acne

This has to be one of the most important skin benefits of rose water. The anti bacterial benefits of rose water can fight off the acne causing bacteria on the skin pores. It also helps in cleansing the skin and unblock clogged pores.

Also rose water comes with astringent benefits, which help in tightening up the pores and also make them smaller in size, hence, there is less chance of pores getting clogged by impurities.

This same astringent benefits of rose water help in minimizing acne scars, and also it dries out existing acne and pimples.

The anti oxidants benefits of rose water also help with curbing acne. It can keep away the free radicals and protect our skin as well as can improve the cell turnover rate and accelerate the healing process.

Anti Aging Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water is a rich source of wonderful nutrients. It comes with vitamins A, B3, C, E as well as other anti oxidants compounds.

Vitamin A has anti aging properties. It improves sebum secretion and prevent dry skin, thus making our skin less vulnerable to aging signs. It also can boost new cell growth, which make the skin healthier.

Vitamin B3 in rose water helps the skin to stay moisturized and free from irritation. Vitamin C is a great anti oxidant, which helps in keeping the skin safe from free radical damages.

It also boosts collagen production and maintains the natural elasticity of the skin.

Furthermore, vitamin E in rose water is also an anti oxidant as well as it helps to keep the face moisturized. Vitamin E not only prevents premature aging of the skin, but it also helps in lightening dark spots and evens out skin tone.

Hydrating Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water has amazing hydrating benefits for our skin. It freshens up the skin instantly and improves the skin texture over time.

Whenever we use rose water on our skin, it adds a boost of hydration as well as nourishment to the skin. The best thing is that, being a mild and natural ingredient, rose water is suitable to be used on sensitive skin.

The anti inflammatory benefits of rose water help in soothing irritated and sensitive skin, which is a big plus. Spraying rose water on the face helps in absorbing the excess oil and leave the skin toned and fresh.

Soothes Sunburn

Rose water has extremely cooling and soothing effect on our skin, which helps in getting relief from irritated, sensitive skin caused by sunburn.

The anti inflammatory benefits of rose water accelerate the healing and give you faster relief from sunburn.

Different Ways to Use Rose Water for Face

1. Use Rose Water as Face Toner

How to use?

First clean your face with a facial cleanser. Pat dry the skin. Now fill up a spray bottle with pure rose water and then spritz it on the face. Let it dry naturally and then carry out your regular skin care routine.

Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in rose water and wipe your face with the same. Wait till the skin absorbs it all and then follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Reapply rose water on your face every time you wash your your face with a cleanser.

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2. Rose Water and Aloe Vera Face Moisturizer

How to prepare rose water and aloe vera face moisturizer?

Combine required amount of pure aloe vera gel and few drops of rose water. Apply the resultant mixture all over the face as well as neck and gently massage for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on overnight.

Wash off the next morning. Use this homemade face moisturizer with aloe vera gel and rose water every night before going to bed.

Benefits –

Aloe vera helps to resolve a number of skin problems. It is suitable for all skin types, because it doesn’t clog pores.

Aloe vera helps to rejuvenate dull and lifeless skin and restores healthy and glowing skin with regular use.

Aloe vera comes with anti inflammatory benefits that help to soothe dry, irritated skin quickly, and give relief from the irritation and itching of the skin caused by dryness.

Several studies have confirmed that aloe vera contains various nutrients, enzymes as well as plant compounds that help boosting our skin health and making the skin glowing.

Aloe vera contains a high amount of water, which provides moisturization and hydration to the skin without any oiliness. Being a great natural moisturizer, aloe vera helps to repair our skin texture and makes the skin soft, smooth and glowing.

Not just dryness, but excess oiliness also can make the skin look dull. The natural astringent benefits of aloe vera help to remove excess oil from the skin surface, without imparting any dryness.

Regular use of aloe vera helps to maintain oil free, fresh and glowing skin.

It works wonderfully to give us healthy, acne free skin, thanks to the natural anti bacterial as well as anti inflammatory properties.

Furthermore, being a natural astringent, aloe vera also unclogs our pores and minimize the risk of getting breakouts. Additionally, it also helps to dry out active acne fast.

The anti oxidant compounds in aloe vera can successfully protect our skin from various damages, such as dryness of the skin, dull skin, early aging, acne, pigmentation etc and help us maintain a healthy, glowing skin.

They also protect our skin from the damages done by environmental factors, such as sun damage, pollution, dry weather etc.

Aloe vera also helps boosting collagen production in the skin. It contains ‘gibberellin’, a growth hormone and ‘glucomannan’, a polysaccharide and these two components help increasing collagen level in the skin, resulting in soft, supple and glowing skin.

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3. Rose Water and Multani Mitti Face Pack for Oily Skin Care

How to prepare rose water and multani mitti face pack?

Take 1-2 tbsp multani mitti in a bowl and add some fresh rose water to it. Mix together to make a smooth paste. Apply it evenly on the face as well as neck and leave it on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Wash it off with fresh, clean water. Reapply this face pack with rose water and multani mitti for oily skin care 2-3 times in a week.

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Benefits –

Oily skin tends to attract more dust and dirt, that get accumulated on the skin surface and often end up blocking the pores and leading to various skin problems, including acne and pimples.

Multani mitti has great exfoliating benefits for our skin. With regular use, multani mitti helps in removing the impurities and dead skin cells from the skin surface. This way it keeps the skin clean and reduces chances of blocked pores.

We know that blocked pores are one of the major factors that cause acne. But through exfoliation, multani mitti helps to clear up the debris from the pores, thus reducing the chances of getting acne and pimples.

The major problem with those with oily skin is the excess oil build up on the skin, which just doesn’t seem to go away.

Multani mitti has amazing absorbing power. It soaks up the excess oil from the skin surface to leave your skin feel fresh and clean.

Oily skin often looks dull and patchy. Multani mitti, with regular use, makes our skin glowing. It removes the impurities from the surface of the skin.

This not only makes the skin clean and clear, but also helps our skin to better absorb skin care products, which in turn improves our skin health.

Multani mitti is rich in minerals. These minerals help improving our skin health and lessen the frequency of breakouts.

Also, multani mitti can improve blood circulation in the skin. This in turn, provides the skin cells with proper nourishment and keeps the skin healthy.

Not just acne and pimples, but multani mitti is highly effective in lightening acne scars. Also, it can help clearing up sun tan, dark spots and other forms of pigmentation.

Thanks to its wonderful exfoliating benefits, multani mitti helps to remove the damaged skin cells and also boosts cell turnover rate, which results in clean and clear skin.

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4. Rose Water and Oats Face Pack for Dry Skin Care

How to prepare rose water and oats face pack?

Grind 2 tbsp oats and prepare oatmeal powder. Take it out and add some rose water to it. Mix together to prepare the face pack.

Apply it all over the face as well as neck and keep it on for about 10-15 minutes. Wash off with fresh water. Reapply this homemade face pack with oats and rose water for dry skin care twice in a week.

Benefits –

If you have dry skin, then you must include oats in your skin care routine. It has amazing benefits for dry skin. Firstly, it exfoliates the skin beautifully.

Oats contain saponin, that helps with deep cleansing of the skin. Through exfoliation, oats remove the dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin surface, resulting in soft, smooth and glowing skin.

Oats not only exfoliates the skin, but moisturizes the skin at the same time and this is what makes it a great natural ingredient for dry skin.

The polysaccharides present in oats help moisturizing the skin wonderfully, thus healing dry skin. The healthy fats in oats also help with skin moisturization.

Plus, the anti inflammatory benefits of oats come handy to give relief from dry, irritated skin.

Oats is rich in various nutrients, that also help with relieving skin dryness. It contains a good amount of vitamin E, that help replenishing the skin with lost moisture, thus healing dryness.

Furthermore, the anti oxidant benefits of vitamin E also help maintaing a healthy, soft skin by fighting off free radicals as well as environmental factors, such as sun damage.

Along with vitamin E, oats contain several B vitamins including vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, as well as folate. These B vitamins help boosting healthy skin cell growth.

The new cells then replace the damaged ones and skin becomes soft, smooth and radiant over time.

Plus, oats contains zinc, a very important mineral for our skin. Zinc comes with anti inflammatory benefits that help repairing skin dryness, specially caused by sun damage.

Now, that you are aware of the best ways to use rose water for face care, what are you waiting for? Go and grab a bottle of rose water and use it in your skin care regime for soft, healthy and rosy skin.

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