Different Ways of Applying Eye Liner

Hi girls, I am with post on Different Ways of Applying Eye Liner. You have to agree that your eyes are the windows to the world and also, the center spot of attraction while applying makeup. Sporting the same style in terms of makeup or hair, too often gets a little boring. To break the monotony, you do keep playing with your lip colours and hair dos. Then, why let your eyes carry that same old eyeliner pattern, always. Here are some fun Eye liner styles that you can try… Now a days, many different types of eye liners are present out there in the markets: pencil style, felt tip, liquid liners and gel based liners. Which one to buy is your personal choice. My personal favorite is pen style ones since they are well pigmented and allow a pretty firm grip to people like me who do not have a steady hand. Read on to know more.
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Different Ways of Applying Eye Liner

1. Smudged liner

Smudged liner

Smudged eyeliner

This is pretty mush your regular liner just, a little smudged. You can apply a line along your upper lash with a kohl pencil and then use an old eye shadow brush/ finger tips/ flat angled brush to smudge it a little. This is a great style for those who are new to applying eye liners as, there is no fuss of creating a perfectly even line. For making it appear more glamorous, you may add a layer of shimmery eye shadow along with.

The smudged liner effect can be achieved on the lower eye lash line alone, too. here is link for more How to smudge eyeliner

2. Colored bottom line Eye Makeup

Colored bottom line Eye Makeup

Ditch the boring black kohls for your lower lash line and try some fun shades. The best bet is to keep the shades neutral and pastel so that they do not look odd. To complete the look, you can apply eye shadow of a similar shade on your upper lid.

 3. Tight line your eyes

Tight line your eyes

Tight line your eyes

Apply eyeliner not only on the lid but also on the lash of upper eyelid. This technique is called tight lining and involves lifting your upper eyelid a little and applying a blunt , pencil liner on the lash line while looking downwards.-It makes your eye shape more defined and makes your lashes appear thicker.

4. Smudged wrap around makeup Tutorial

Smudged wrap around makeup Tutorial

Line your upper and lower lash lines and connect them at the outer edge. Do not worry, you are allowed to be a little messy because ultimately, you have to smudge it with a flat angled brush.

5. Double winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Double winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

You all are familiar with the winged style. In double winged look, you just need to add a baby wing below the chief wing.

6. Two liners at once Eye Makeup Tutorial

Two liners at once Eye Makeup Tutorial

Two liners at once Eye Makeup Tutorial

Bring your traditional black liner to life by adding a dash of colour and applying two lines of different colours along your upper lash line. You may also do this by applying cat eye style liner on upper lid with Black and on the lower lid with White eyeliner.

7. Reverse Eyeliners Makeup Tutorial

Reverse Eyeliners Makeup Tutorial

Here basically, you do a cat eye style liner on your lower eyelid.

8. Get a balanced metallic look Eye Makeup Tutorial

balanced metallic look Eye Makeup Tutorial

balanced metallic look Eye Makeup Tutorial

This can be done by applying a metallic Eye shadow like silver or bronze all over your upper eyelid and then topping it up with classic black eyeliner.

9. Bunt eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Bunt eyeliner Makeup Tutorial

Usually, we go for sharp, edgy eyeliners to define our eyes.-However, you can also apply it in such a way that the edges are blunt.

Now, that you know so many different styles of applying eyeliners and  decorating your eyes. You definitely need some makeup buddies you achieve these looks so, go shopping and stock some angled liner brushes, metallic eye shadows and lots of other fun stuff. Enjoy!!

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