Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

Saree is our traditional outfit and I personally feel that Indian women look most beautiful in saree. And I know, many of you think so as well 🙂 Saree enhances our beauty and makes us look all the more gorgeous. There are so many ways to wear a saree. If we just sit down and start to count, then the count will come up to more than 25 I guess. If you want to look at your prettiest in saree, you need to accessorize it well, like wearing traditional or contemporary jewelries, choosing right footwear etc. However there is one more thing that plays an equally important role and that’s your hairstyles. So let’s check out my post on Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees.

Different Hairstyles to Try with Saree

Hair style is as important as right accessories to bring out our best look in Saree. Hairstyles add a different charm and elegance to our look and take our overall style quotient quite a few notches up. A gorgeous hair-do can make you look like a diva even with minimal makeup. But we often get confused as to which hairstyle will go with the saree we are wearing. However, it isn’t that tricky. Our hairstyles largely depends on the occasion and the style of our saree draping. For example : a low bun woyld go perfectly for ethnic look. If you want to go for a trendy look in saree, try fishtail braid or side swept bun. Want to know more? Read on this post that talks about Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees.

Side Swept Hairstyle to Try with Sarees

Side swept hairstyle, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

Curl your hair and just brush it to one side. You can pin your hair in place to ensure it stay put or just leave it loose and put it back in place occassionally. You can brush your hair to any side – left or right whichever you prefer. Keeping your curls over the opposite shoulder of which the saree pallu falls back looks very elegant.

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Hair Bun with Curl to Try with Sarees

Half bun with curl, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

This is a very elegant hairdo for every occasion. But with Indian saree, it just looks stunning. And all these traditional jewelries have complemented this look really well. If you are getting tired of wearing the same hairstyle with your casual and western outfit, then this hairstyle is going to be a welcome change for you. Wear this hairstyle at any occasion like a marriage party or any traditional occasion and you are sure to be showered with loads of compliments.

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Front Braids and Ponytail to Try with Sarees

Front braids and ponytail, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

In order to add a dash of glam to regular ponytail look, couple of small braids have been done at the front around the forehead and then brought over to one side and wrapped around to the back of the head. This has given a crown like appearance. The braids have been pinned at the back. The unbraided hair has been brushed to the back and tied into a loose ponytail.

Fishtail Braid to try with Sarees

Fishtail braid, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

This is one of the most popular hairstyle that celebrities often try with saree and that’s why it’s quite a trend these days. It looks very stylish and smart as well as chic. You can try this hairstyle with curls as well as straight hair.

Puffed Bun to try with Sarees

Puffed bun, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

Hair dos like puffed bun gives a traditional and princess like look. This looks very elegant in various functions like weddings and other festivities. Just puff your hair up a bit and then hold in in place using bobby pins. For a more puffed up looks use bumpits or puffs as they will give more lift to the hair. Comb out your hair well and untangle them properly before doing this hairstyle for a neat look. Use hair spray to hold the hair do in place for longer period of time.

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Straight Hair to try with Sarees

Straight hair, Different Hairstyles to Try with Sarees

This is a simplest yet gorgeous hair style that can be tried with saree. If you are in hurry while going somewhere, this should be your go-to hairstyle. Straighten your hair if you do not have a naturally straight hair. Then just let your tresses fall on your shoulders with a middle or side parting. Simple and elegant, this hairstyle would never go out of fashion.

So friends, here are few hairstyles that can be tried with saree. Hope you liked my post today. Don’t forget to let me know which hairstyle you like the most J Take care and stay gorgeous!

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  1. Straight Hair my all time favorite 🙂

  2. HI Five Kiran, I too sport the straight hair look mostly. I loved Trisha’s look here.

  3. I like 1st one most ..Curl hair is also give nice look with Saree but Straight hair is my all time favorite.

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