Difference Between Bleach and Facial

Our cosmetic and skin care industry has grown by leaps and bounds since some years. Women are much more aware these days about their skin. They are working for extra hours and they are all stressed out. I have seen women who are much younger yet get trapped in issues like ageing skin and all. Dark circles, puffy eyes and all are some of the major signs that you are not paying proper attention to your skin and body. So, beauty salons have introduced different types of skin care services. Bleaching and facials are some of the major and most popular services among these. But I am sure many of us are unaware about the Difference Between Bleach and Facial. Even I was not aware that which one I should opt for. What are the different purposes solved by these beauty services?

Difference Between Bleach and Facial

So, today’s post is dedicated to the Difference Between Bleach and Facial. Both of them are very popular and have been a household name in India since ages. Even before the beauty salons introduced this service it was regularly being done in the comforts of your home.

What is Bleaching?

Bleaching is actually a technique wherein you try to lighten your facial hair. There are a number of women who suffer from excessive hair issue on face. So what they do is that they use a chemical in the form of bleach. This chemical can be applied as per the instruction booklet. What these chemical does is that it lightens the skin tone or skin complexion.

Difference Between Bleach and Facial - what is bleaching

Pros of Bleaching

  • The bleaching chemical works by lightening the black facial hairs to golden or lighter color so that it gets dissolved on face and are not visible that strongly.
  • This way it lightens the facial complexion by making your face appear more clear and fair.
  • The other benefits of bleaching your face are lightening facial spots and pigmentation also gets reduced drastically.


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What is Facial?

Now, lets talk about facial. We all might have done facial at least once in our life. I have actually done facial and never bleaching. Facial is actually an age old technique of massaging your face. Now, what women earlier used to do is that they used to apply a home based face pack and then allowed it to dry. After which they used to massage the face in particular direction. After which they used to wipe out the face with water and then flaunt and enjoy the glow. Now, what is done at present in our commercial beauty salons is a point of debate. They use face packs and masks as per your skin type. Then of course they massage the face after which a radiant and glowing skin is witnessed.

Difference Between Bleach and Facial - what is facial

Pros of Facial

  • The major objective of facial is that massaging in particular direction increases blood circulation.
  • The face gets a beautiful glow

So, that was about the basics of bleach and facial. Now, you must know that in which situation you should use which service.


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Who Should Do Bleaching?

Difference Between Bleach and Facial - why should go for bleaching

If you are a woman who has excessive facial hair on your face which makes your face appear dark then bleach is the perfect beauty service for you. You must also be aware of the gap between your facial bleach. It depends on the amount of your facial hair growth. But at least on the safe side you should maintain a gap of 15 days between your facial bleach.

Who Should Go for Facial?

Difference Between Bleach and Facial - why should go for facial

And if you want to achieve a beautiful glowing and healthy skin then you must go for a facial. It is mostly done in case of special occasions. But even you can go for a regular facial with a healthy gap of 3 months.

So these are the Difference Between Bleach and Facial. Hope you enjoyed reading my post today. I promise to be back with a new post soon 🙂

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