Difference between DRY and DEHYDRATED Skin

Hello Beauties 🙂 Today I am sharing informative post on Difference between DRY and DEHYDRATED Skin. Dry itchy skin is a thing of the past since the winters are almost over now. Mostly by the end of the winter your skin should try to rebuild it cells and become dewy or as normal. If that is not happening with you then you need to seriously look at this article and fix the issues.
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Dry skin is a skin type, which means it’s most likely a result of genetics. It’s a hereditary problem or something that exists with your skin type. This problem is due to mostly lack of essential oil from the top layer of your skin and can be treated or controlled with oil therapy or with use of deep moisturizes. This condition is not seasonal and it runs across the year

Now, let’s come across the real problem here.

How to treat DEYDRATION of skin.

The dehydration of skin is not the same as the dry skin syndrome. It means that the skin is under the loss or water and its becoming flaky, itchy and reddish. Ignoring this problem can lead to serious issue and hence know when your skin is dehydrated and fix it with the following homemade tips.

  1. Avoid using soap or face wash

I know it might sound unhygienic to some people but you surely don’t want to rip of your skin. The first thing to do is stop using any unnatural products on your skin for a couple of weeks. Wash your face with oatmeal scrub or besan. They both work well and don’t forget to mix some full cream milk in it while applying.

  1. Don’t exfoliate

Exfoliating causes the dead skin to go away. But when you are already facing dehydration skin issue basically your entire top layer of the skin dead skin and you cannot afford to remove it all away. Do not exfoliate your skin too often or you can stop it completely.

  1. Don’t take long showers

Hot water is one of the major and mostly ignored reasons of dehydrated skin. Taking hot and long showers may make you feel relaxed but your are technically taxing your skin for the same. Stop using hot water anywhere above your collar bones and you will surely see good results.

  1. Oil therapy

Mix some olive oil, tea tree oil and coconut oil and apply it pre and post showers. Make it a bit to use it every day and you will see astonishing results in few days. They help in retaining moisture more effectively than even the high end moisturizers.

  1. Drink water and eat honey

I know you all know that water and honey work wonders but when you mix them both its more effective for your stomach than your skin. Have a tendency to eat bread with honey instead of butter. Include desi ghee in your diet and see miracles happen for yourself. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily.

Hope Friends you like this informative Post 🙂

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