Denman Volumizing Hair Brush Review

Hello Beauties 🙂 Today is my post about Denman Volumizing Hair Brush Review. I received this hair brush in my April 2015 Fab Bag and girls you know me very well that how much I love my fab bag 😀 . So this is the first time I heard this brand’s name and when I saw it in my fab bag that time I was like totally neutral with it means not so excited or not so unhappy for it but girls instantly I brush my hair with this Denman Volumizing Hair Brush  and guess what I was so surprised with its results or outcome so let’s check my review on Denman Volumizing Hair Brush.
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Denman Volumizing Hair Brush Review

My hair is so fine and they get tangled easily and even breaks easily too. Plus my hair has a very low volume or you can say no volume, so sleek type. I love volume looks hair which also suits me. but sadly I don’t have volumes hair. from last 6 month I have been using Tangle Teezer( Review) to comb my hair and I am so happy with it because it adds lots of volume to my sleek hair instantly.

This Denman Volumizing Hair Brush is aFree Flow volumizing brush with 9 rows of widely spaced, smooth nylon pins set into a half round rubber pad to help create volume and movement in the hair for a softer, fuller look. Also ideal for detangling thicker, coarser hair types.

Price of Denman Volumizing Hair Brush : Rs.475/-

Denman Volumizing Hair Brush

Denman Volumizing Hair comb

I like using this brush to brush my hair when it’s wet. When my hair is wet, I don’t like to brush with a brush that has a lot of pressure because my hair is more suceptable to damage when it’s wet. This brush, since it has wide openings between the bristles, glides through my wet hair without snagging, pulling, or breaking off.

It does a great job smoothing and making my sleek hair pattern more defined and, it is easy to clean as well because of its widely spaced bristles (which is always a plus point!) It also has a Ergonomic handle for balance and control.

Denman Volumizing Hair Brush is perfect hair brush for all type hair and its Widely spaced, free flow pin formation allows for safe detangling and adding volume which is really great. I would love to suggest it to everyone 🙂

Availability : Online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.9/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. Wow, such a cool product 🙂

  2. Great review, thanks for posting!! <3

  3. wow need to try it!Have a nice week end! giulia

  4. I received this too in my fab bag, still have to use it.

  5. Nice review babe. Seems like a great product 🙂

  6. I love this brush too Kiran, and you are right that when hair is wet they are prone to damage and the widely spaced pins of this brush untangle the hair without causing any harm. Very well reviewed!

  7. Though it looks costly for a brush but will definitely look for it 🙂

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