Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day

Hello my favourite BHB readers and friends, its been quite long I was hibernating from BHB, now I am back with bang. Today I will be sharing an OOTD post: Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day. Recently there were heavy rains in the southern parts of the India to such an extent that it flooded the southern hemi sphere of the India. The monsoon winds flows towards western region too and hence caused heavy rains shower for 3 to 4 days every day. During this time the weather had become very much soothing chilling and romantic. So I took a short trip to Lonavla. We went on a long drive of 120KM to and fro from location to Lohagad fort and waterfalls in the nearby area. We had also been to Kenu waterfalls point which is an ever flowing throughout the year also Ulhas River originates from it. The view is awesome from the nearby hill opposite to Bawa Villa (where celebrity Shilpa Shetty’s wedding took place).

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day

Now coming to my outfit details, I was in a picnic mood so I wore a short denim dungaree for the picnic. I prefer to keep it simple and comfortable when it comes to long drives and exploration of new locations. The shoes were super comfortable like crocks. The crocks were gifted to me by my hubby whom he brought from China and I love my hot pink crocks. I carried a bag pack containing water bottles, some basic make up articles like a compact, a lip gloss, a comb, some tissues, a small face wash and Kajal pencil. My best travel partners, my Gucci shades and my cannon DSLR camera were my perfect companions throughout. We explored Kenu waterfalls, Lohgad fort area khind, nearby local waterfalls and pavana lake stretch in Lonavla.

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 3

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 2

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 5

Since it was sunny in the morning when I left I dabbed some generous amount of sunscreen location. Kajal, lippie and my favorite Ponds BB+ cream, a generous amount of mascara and that’s it. Keep it minimal and as simple as possible for your road trips as that’s the best thing. Only carry and dab generous amount of sunscreen lotion if its sunny.

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 4

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 1

Denim Dungaree Outfit of the Day 6

My make up details :

My outfit details :

  • Denim Dungaree from Fusion Beats
  • Tee by Pantaloon
  • Crocs from China shopping (gift by hubby)
  • Gucci Glares (Gift from China)
  • Samsonite bag pack, the best travel partner
  • Watch and accessories by PSJ PiyaJewels vintage watch collection

Hope you like my outfit post of denim dungaree shorts for monsoon picnic and road trips. Please comment and express your precious views on it.

About Piyali Toshniwal

Piyali is from Mumbai. She born in Kolkata and brought up in different cities of India. Since her dad had a transferable job, She has travelled many states and cities of India. From there her passion for travelling arose. She love to travel and explore new places. She is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with MBA in Finance from Mumbai University. She has a passion for beauty and fashion and love to experiment with her looks a lot hence her inclination to write for BHB. Business is what she enjoy the most. She has an Art Jewellery Brand named “PSJ-PiyaJewels” and event Management Company called “Radiance Events”. She is a very creative person and hence her work of creativity reflects in her ventures. She like to live life to the fullest & try to enjoy every possible bit of it! Her motto of life is “Keep Smiling, it’s the best Jewellery one can wear”


  1. Hey Sunshine 🙂 Looking so cute 🙂 lovely place to relax mind. Nice greenery

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