Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly

Are you worried about your dark circles? Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly? Then this post is just made for you. Yes, dark circles are every girl’s night mare. Who likes to have a clear skin and an ugly dark circle. This really brings down your entire look and personality too. So curing or getting rid of dark circles should be your topmost priority. And yes I know there are a number of creams and eye gels available in market which claim to reduce dark circles and all. But very few of them actually work. So, my suggestion is to resort to home based cures.

Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly

So, here I am suggesting you some of the tried and tested remedies to get rid of dark circles –

Increase Your Water Intake : We suggest you to drink a lot of water. Water will flush away the toxins and make your skin radiant. So, this will not only eliminate the puffy eyes but also gradually reduce dark undereye circles too.

Cucumber : The green goddess is perfect to get rid of dark circles. In summers you can get cucumber very easily. So, what you should do is that takes a thin slice of cucumber and place it on your eye balls. Make sure that you are covering your eyes and the under eye area too.

Potato : Potato is also known to be a boon for dark circles. Potatoes are also used in a similar way like cucumber. Place a slice of potato on your eyes covering the under eye area. Let it set their for some time. Now, remove after 15 minutes. Don’t get scared if you see really dark potato slice. Wash off your face after some time.

Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly - How to get rid of dark circles

Tea bags : Take unused tea bags and dip them in water and refrigerate them. Now, place the tea bags directly on your eyes. With regular usage you will get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles both.

Almond Oil : Take some drops of almond oil on a small cotton ball and apply on your undereye circles every day. Do it every night before you go to sleep. Within 1 month you will be able to see drastic improvement in your dark circles.

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Tomato : Tomato can be used in multiple ways for your skin. cut a slice of tomato and rub on your dark circles. With regular usage your dark circles will get reduced and your under eye area will be equivalent to your remaining face colour.

Gulab Jal : Another versatile product for skin. The bonus with gulab jal is that you can use it at any time of the day. Just take some drops of gulab jal in a cotton ball and massage on your under eye area.

Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly - Tips to cure dark circles

Lemon Juice : Well, yes i know you might be scared of the irritation if a drop of lemon juice goes into your eyes. But it will not harm your eyes it will actually cleanse them. Try to apply lemon juice on your under eye area with the help of a cotton ball and see the difference.

Cold Milk : A major reason for dark circles is lack of moisturization. So, instead use cold milk. It will not only cool the area and moisturize it but also reduce the dark undereye circles in a long run.

Yoga : Last but not the least try to get into some form of exercises. This will increase the blood circulation in your body and thus you will get rid of dark circles in very less time.

Is Dark Circles Making You Ugly? No need to worry anymore. Say goodbye to the stubborn dark undereye circles with these tricks and tips discussed in this post.

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