Daily Hair Care Tips

Hello girls 🙂 This will be my first post which isn’t a product review. For me, and maybe many of you all, hair is something that can’t be left compromised. My worst nightmare is a day with greasy hair. So today I am here with a post on how you can take better care of your hair by changing some daily habits. So let’s check out what are the points in my post Daily Hair Care Tips.

Daily Hair Care Tips

It is a common myth that using the best shampoo, applying the correct serum etc are the only things which lead to gorgeous hair and a girl doing this entire can never have any hair problem. But of course, it is just a myth! Daily habits like combing your hair, washing it, making a hairdo etc affect your hair just equally. Read on my article on Daily Hair Care Tips.

Tip 1 : Use a shower cap while washing hair

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Instead of washing hair just after shampooing it, put on a shower cap and continue on the rest of your bath i.e. washing face and body. This might seem as a way of drying hair at first. What the logic is that if you don’t let the shampoo sit on your hair for a while and work then how you can expect anything other than your hair getting cleaner. So, apply shampoo on hair – lather it up- put on the shower cap-wash your face and body-remove the cap and wash your hair. Bonus point : the smell of the shampoo will also sit on your hair 🙂

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Tip 2 : Don’t use water on your hair everyday

Keep shampooing aside; using water on your hair everyday is also harmful. We all take bath every day- good, but washing your hair with water the day you aren’t shampooing- bad. Here too the shower cap comes; wear the shower cap before entering the bathroom the day your hair doesn’t need a shampoo. This is important because water can rip off the oils out of your hair when it isn’t dirty. Girls like me who shampoo every other day, wear the cap the first day after shampooing and girls who shampoo once in 3 days, use the cap the first day and I don’t think second day would be advisable.

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Tip 3 : Combing too much is bad and using a bad comb too

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Combing stimulates the hair follicles which helps in the hair’s development and also detangles the hair into looking beautiful. But combing too much can disturb the hair’s normal process of development and make it fragile enough to break if touched once. Also, if you are using the local combs to detangle your hair then please stop! They can be great for settling the hair but for detangling, a paddle brush is the best. So, comb your hair only when necessary and use different combs for different uses.

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Tip 4 : Correct application of serum

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Almost all of us apply hair serums. Serums which are supposed to be applied on wet hair should be applied only when your hair is half dry and not just after you come out of the bath. This will give you the best results.

Tip 5 : Washing the hair which falls on your t-zone

Who doesn’t have bangs or fringes these days? It’s in fashion, right? Forehead is my biggest t-zone and maybe many of yours too. The forehead gets oily and does the same to the hair falling on it. To get rid of this, instead of clipping yours bangs or fringes when washing the face, wet them a bit too. Believe me, it works and without ripping off the natural oils like said before.

Tip 6 : Using the correct size of rubber band

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Just to get the look of it, we use a mini rubber band to make a high pony! It results in the hair’s breakage. So, use a big rubber band for a high ponytail and a mini one for tying a braid.

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Tip 7 : Don’t touch your hair or play with them too much

Oh well, how can’t you touch your soft and silky hair?! But what we don’t realize is that our hands do just everything and so they can be very dirty at times. So, touch your soft hair but keeping in mind the condition of your hands. Also, when in deep thought, we often play with our hair. This can lead to ugly curls in your hair and you’ll regret it afterwards.

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Tip 8 : Don’t go by the usual rules

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There are millions of myths like washing your hair everyday or every alternate day is bad. Yes it is, but only for some. Take me as an example, I wash my hair every other day because the third day it all gets really very greasy. You need to access what your hair needs. It is not necessary that what worked with your friend will work with you too. After all, everyone is different and so is their hair needs. Therefore, keep on trying different ideas until you get the perfect one.

These are some things you should always keep in mind to get beautiful and lustrous hair. Hope you all found the tips in daily hair care tips useful 🙂

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