How to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes

Our hair plays a major role in enhancing our look. And that’s the reason we never get tired of experimenting with our hairstyle. Get it straightened, get it curled or both together – creating different hairstyles each day is fun! As much as we love styling our hair, it can create a mess at times specially while you are looking for wavy hairstyle. Curling iron is the easiest way out, however, treating your hair with so much heat isn’t a good idea always and so we often opt for other options. And that’s when curls turn into mess and we end up with heavily tangled hair! Curls, when done perfectly, add a touch of elegance to our hair. And you know what, curly hair never go out of fashion. In this post we will share some simple tips on How to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes. Forget the mess and flaunt your beautiful curls!

How to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes


Shampoo your hair and follow up with a good conditioner. Squeeze out the water and apply a good quality curling creme or serum. Next braid your wet hair or simply twist your hair. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair. Now open your braided/twisted hair and there you have it!! Beautiful curls 🙂

Plastic Rollers

Another simple and quick way to get lovely curls. Wash your hair and squeeze out the water. Comb your damp hair so that it is free from knots or tangles. Now separate your hair into smaller sections. Grab each section and start rolling around the rollers. Pin those up using bobby pins. Blow dry for 5 minutes. Remove the rollers after 10 minutes and see the magic.

Ways to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes

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Overnight Bun or Braid

Another sure shot idea to get curly hair easily. You need damp hair for this method to work. Wash your hair and comb well. Pull all your hair up to make a ponytail and then twist the hair around the ponytail to make a bun. Secure with bobby pins. Alternatively, make a braid. Go to sleep. In the morning, untie your hair and run your fingers through to set those beautiful curls. Don’t use comb.


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The Bun Method

Wet your hair and comb it properly. Now start sectioning off the hair at the top and work your way down. Take each section, wrap the strands and make small bun. Secure it with bobby pins. Continue until you complete all the sections. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair completely. Unpin your hair and have a look at those gorgeous curls!

Simple tips to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes

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Use Your Hands

This is the easiest of all the tricks mentioned above. Simply wet your hair. Squeeze out the water and apply some gel or mousse on the damp hair. Scrunch your hair in the process and see how you get the those sexy curls in no time! This is a brilliant idea if you have to attend an after-office party, a quick makeover in no time 🙂

So these are some cool tricks to Curl Hair in 5 Minutes. Now that you know the tricks, follow them and let your curls do their magic 🙂 Signing off for now, see you all soon 🙂

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  1. I follow scrunching my hair when it’s wet. It really works. .will try the others too..very nice tips 🙂

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