Cucumber Face Scrub DIY

Cucumber Face Scrub DIY – Hello friends! Today I am going to share my new exciting post about Cucumber Face Scrub DIY with all of you. My new Cool Cucumber Face Scrub is best for summers. If you are suffering from this heat of summers and your skin has become too much tanned and less of moisture, so you must try my effective Cool Cucumber Pack. You just need three awesome skin friendly ingredients and you can reduce the heat of summer with this scrub. This scrub purifies your skin deeply and it also make your skin tan free. Scrubbing exfoliates your skin and when you scrub your skin with natural ingredients, so it become very nice for your skin. Cucumber is known for its cooling nature, so its best to cool your skin. This scrub reduces your tanning as well as it also nourishes your skin deeply. This scrub is specially for those Who have dry skin because it provides moisture to your skin. So have a look and try this Cool Cucumber Face Scrub DIY.

Cucumber Face Scrub DIY

Cucumber Face Scrub DIY

Ingrediants of Cucumber Face Scrub DIY:

Ingrediants of Cucumber Face Scrub

Yogurt- 2 tsp
Cucumber- ½ piece
Turmeric- ½ tsp

Recipe of Cucumber Face Scrub DIY:

 Cucumber Face Scrub

First peel the cucumber and grate it. Now add yogurt into this and turmeric as well. Mix it well and apply it. Massage your face for 5 minutes with it. Wash your face with cool water.

Benefits of Cucumber Face Scrub DIY

Benefits of Cucumber-

Cucumber is best for all type of skin. It reduces the heat. It is best ingredient for summers. It maintains the level of moisture into your skin. It nourishes as well as fairs your skin too. It is like best ingredient to remove tanned skin. It is remedy for dry skin. So it can make your skin smooth and soft.

Benefits of Turmeric-

Turmeric is best antiseptic for any skin. It is best remedy for all diseases. It removes bacteria from your skin and it also purifies your blood too. Purifying of blood is too important. It also prevent pimples, blackheads and acne. It also decreases melanin from your skin.

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How to Use Cucumber for Face

Benefits of Yogurt-

Yogurt is best ingredient to nourish your damage skin. It makes your skin moist. It also cools your skin and gives beautiful glow. It is best natural ingredient to make your skin young. It reduces acne and breakouts. It is enrich with antioxidant, so it cleans your deeply.

I hope you like this Cool Cucumber Scrub. So try this scrub and share your experience with us.

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