Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey Review

Hello Girls 🙂 Today my Post is about Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey Review. I got this cute product in my last Fab bag. I have very dry skin so When I got this butter blend in my fab bag, I started using it at the same day. I love using body butters. and mainly I love The Body Shop body butters but these days I stop using them because I have lots of body lotions with me so first I am trying to finish them all first. So lets move on and check out Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey Review.

Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey Review

Price of Cuccio Butter Blends Milk & Honey : Rs.2970/-

How to use : After exfoliating your body, apply a generous amount to massage onto your skin.

We all know that Honey is a natural humectant that helps to soothes, moisturizes, & adds vital nutrients to the skin while lactic acid from milk refreshes & stimulates the skin. For its a great results I have used it after to use after exfoliating my body with The Natures Co Irish Moss Sugar Body Scrub.

It has a same texture like our normal edible butter have. It spreads easily on the skin and get absorb with in seconds and it does not feel greasy or oily at all. My dry skin area feels so soft and nourish after its application, Dry skin looks so healthy almost for 24 hours. I really love its texture as well as its results and one more thing to share that it smell so heavenly, same like any rich dessert. It smells so delicious and its not overpowering smell at all.

I really found this butter blend amazing for my dry skin and I would love recommended it to all who have dry skin. 🙂

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  1. I have tried this brand and I loved it on my normal skin during winter! Love the fragrance in this as well. Great Review girl

  2. Loved the Cuccio Butters… they have a lovely texture and fragrance 🙂

  3. lovely ! would surely try this brand

  4. I got the citrus one and it was good too.

  5. I got this in my fabbag too ! Glad it will suit my dry skin well 🙂

  6. Looks interesting but too pricey 🙂

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