Crop Top Outfit of the Day

Crop Top Outfit of the Day – I have always been in love with crop tops. My cupboard is filled with it. Here is an OOTD post for you all on Crop Top Outfit of the Day. Styling a crop top is a bit tricky as sometimes it can look more revealing or sometimes it might not do justice to the beauty of your top. I wore this crop top and paired it with pants when I went for a small trek in Dehradun. The weather was cold but not freezing, it had enough sun. Lets check out more details about my Crop Top Outfit of the Day below along with my makeup and accessories.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day

Crop Top Outfit of the Day

I wore this full sleeves beautiful pink crop top with black high waist pants. I feel pants are the most comfortable to wear and also looks edgy. It gives definition to our outfit and black pants can never go wrong. As it might get uncomfortable or cold so I carried a leather jacket with me. Also while wearing a crop top one should keep in mind the location too. Like, this was a Buddhist Monastery and such clothes were not allowed inside so I covered myself with the jacket.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 2

I was on a trek so I paired my outfit with Adidas Neo Shoes which is genuinely very comfortable. I was afraid that if I wore a flat or a sandal it will break. I didn’t want to take a chance.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 1

For accessories I wanted it to be very simple. I feel simple works best when we are wearing clothes like shorts, dresses or crop tops. Too many accessories might make you look very over the board and heavy. So I just took my Sunglasses with me. One is this round reflective and the other one is black in color but has a purple tint to it.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 4

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 6

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It was cold but sunny, So I applied Faces CC Cream because it has SPF 20 which will protect me from sun, It didn’t even dry out my skin and also it’s like a substitute for my heavy makeup and I also applied tons and tons of moisturizer on my body.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 5

For my eyes, I have only put L’oreal Kajal Magique. Trust me on this it doesn’t smudge at all. Mine lasts for more than 7 hours. And I have 7 Heaven’s Photogenic Lipstick on my lips in the shade Burgundy 305, but the shade is pink in color. My hair is naturally wavy and I’ve dipped dyed it which were initially red in color and turned into this. I kept it open and simple.

Crop Top Outfit of the Day 3

My Outfit Details

  • Crop top : FOREVER21
  • Pants or Jegging : ESPRIT
  • Shoes : Adidas Neo
  • Sunglasses : Both from Hill Road Mumbai.

Hope you like my outfit post on Crop Top Outfit for trekking. Please comment and express your views on it.

About Honeyksha Waghela

I am Honeyksha and I am an Architecture student. Tavelling has always been a party of my life since I was a kid, I have been to the most part of India and a little overseas. I wish to travel the whole world. I have always been inspired by make-ups. I think make up is an art and it has the power to change what people think of oneself. Food, shopping and lipsticks are my weaknesses. I love buying and wearing new clothes. Dresses are my favourite. My wardrobe if filled with black clothes. I am so in love h black I'm a die-hard chicken lover. I love meeting new people and interacting with them. I believe in karma and watering others because that is how we learn and grow by helping others grow.


  1. You look awesome in this outfit. Loved your post.

  2. Very interesting look….loved your post 🙂

  3. Looking lovely 🙂

  4. You look so beautiful in this outfit. Your personality is really good. The way you carry yourself and present is really good.

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